Dealing with pain: Part 2

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There is something wrong that is happening in our dispensation. When you get sick, you will know that by pain and changes in your physical body. You will find yourself no longer able to do things you could do before. That is how you would know there is a disease in your body.

When the disease is painful, what most people do is take pain killer tablets to kill the pain. By killing the pain we are not really solving the problem but silencing the voice of the disease.

The disease will remain there, but will just be silenced. When the pain is gone it does not mean that the disease is also gone. When the pain is gone the person will think that he has been healed.

You will start doing things a sick person is not supposed to be doing because you think you have been healed, yet you are still sick.

Pain is a communication of something that would have gone wrong in your system, but we tend to silence that voice, instead of solving the problem.

The reason why some people are enjoying marriages is not really because the marriage is not sick, but they have just taken some marital painkillers.

There are no longer discussions in the marriage and that is why they have stopped fighting because they no longer discuss matters.

The voice has been silenced, but the problem is still there. There are issues you have now shelved and decided not to discuss anymore and you are at peace, but the peace is not real.

It is a kind of peace created by the medication that silences the voice of a problem. When there is a problem in your life you should let it talk. If there is respect you feel you should receive and yet you are not getting it ask for it. You should not just pray to God to help you get that respect, but talk about it.

Talk to the people around you and let them know what you desire and what you expect from them. You should not silence the voice of pain, but let it speak. You should sit down with your wife and talk to her nicely the way God talks to us. Talk together about any affliction you identify in your relationship.

You can have people coming to you for counselling in their marriage yet you have not yet resolved your own marital issues. You can become masters of deception by presenting yourselves before people as though you have already made it. Between the two of you, you know that there is pain you have been ignoring for some time.

If you think there is peace in your relationship, is it the peace you worked for or it is because of certain topics you have chosen to ignore?

Are there any topics you can no longer discuss so that peace can prevail? If you think you are enjoying your relationship, whether with your boss simply because you cannot discuss certain matters, that is not peace at all.

You need to sit down, reflect on and expose areas in your life where you need to change. The pain in you is contagious, it will get to anything that you touch; be it business, it will get into that business.

If you have pain and you marry somebody, your pain will get into that person. By declaring your pain and where you would want God to help you change, you will be helping yourself because you want to be happy and live long. Do you know that a man who ignores his own physical pain is very dangerous?

If he has his own pain that he does not pay attention to, what makes you think that you will get attention from such a man? Pain should never be ignored; it needs to be dealt with. Most men think that ignoring pain is being manly or courageous, yet by ignoring your own personal pain you will end up ignoring other people’s pain.

You will no longer feel what they feel because you would have trained yourself when you started ignoring your own pain.

When you get to a stage where you no longer feel pain it becomes another disease. Feeling pain is actually a good thing because if you do not feel it something is wrong with you.

Feeing pain is a sign that you are still around and you are alive. Pain helps you know that you have a problem. Most people with problems during our time are the ones busy helping others.

You have to talk to yourself first before you can talk to others. Communicate with yourself first and identify where your pain is. Pain is in places and if you find it in a place you can remove it.

There are very painful places in our lives, pain that is caused by a place. You can belong to an organisation that causes you pain and you have to get out of it.

If you do not think that pain is found in places then why do they put people in prisons after committing crimes? In prisons people still eat and put on clothes, but people do not want to go there because it is a place of pain.

There are places that cause pain, locations where some people stay. It might not be your own pain, but the pain of the place and you can be a partaker of that pain because you chose to remain in it. People want to go to heaven because they believe there is no pain.

People are always trying to run away from pain. Whatever you see them doing, they are trying to run away from pain. You have to identify where your pain is and what is causing it.

Your pain is not in every area, find where it is exactly. Is your pain in a place; is it in a person; is it caused by an experience? Identify what is causing you to be sad.

Who is that person who is happy when he hears that you have failed in life? Who is not concerned when you lose your job?

Who wants you to make all the adjustments so that they can be comfortable, but they do not want to make adjustments themselves so that you can be comfortable?

Once you have identified your pain you have to give it a name and describe it. If it is a person there is a correction that can be done. Its either you walk away from the person or you do something that makes the person walk away from you.

The problem with some people is being too nice, they want to keep everyone they started with and they do not want to lose anyone, yet they lost everything.

You should not become the person a person is trying to remove from his life, be the experience he is trying to enjoy.


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