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DDF to rehabilitate Falcon Lodges

07 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views
DDF to rehabilitate Falcon Lodges VP Chiwenga

The Herald

Mashonaland Central   Correspondent
THE District Development Fund (DDF) has set aside $220 000 to turn Kanyemba Falcon Lodges into a modern tourism centre.

This is part of the fund’s efforts to see massive development in Kanyemba, which is widely regarded as one of the least developed areas in the country.

This follows a visit by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on Monday, who at the time of the visit was the Acting President.

VP Chiwenga and his high-powered delegation visited Kanyemba in Mashonaland Central Province to attend a developmental strategic meeting where several life-changing projects for the local community and the nation at large were identified.

In an interview on the sidelines of the strategic meeting, DDF Mashonaland Central manager Mr Clemence Mutombo said the construction of a pontoon between Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe had the potential to make it one of the busiest border posts, which will enhance trade.

“The latest development of constructing a pontoon between Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe has led to the resurrection of this sleeping giant,” said Mr Mutombo.

“This has resulted in DDF face-lifting this resort centre to make it competitive and attractive to meet the envisaged clientele tourist demand as there will be substantial inflow of people crossing the border.”

Upon completion, the pontoon will reduce the distance between Zambia and Zimbabwe, enhancing trade between the two countries and thereby making the resort centre attractive.

Mr Mutombo said the airstrip, which is a landing pad for tourists, was repaired to the satisfaction of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe standards, while the access road now connects Kanyemba Falcon Lodges to the main road that links Mahuwe, adding that the existing swimming pool was under rehabilitation.

He said the centre was also suitable for conferencing purposes and a tent that can accommodate up to 200 delegates was also purchased.

The tent is also available for hiring and there are also two exhibition tents that can accommodate 20 exhibitors each.

He said the existing three chalets were able to accommodate 12 occupants and DDF would rehabilitate and maintain five additional chalets and increase occupants to 36 within the medium term.

Mr Mutombo said the centre was powered by a generator, but there was need to support the source of energy with solar, which is already installed.

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