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Davido, Zodwa Wabantu to finally ‘marry’

13 Jan, 2018 - 01:01 0 Views
Davido, Zodwa Wabantu to finally ‘marry’

The Herald



Sindiso Dube
The Saturday Herald of December 9 carried an article titled Why Davido should marry Zodwa Wabantu.

The Nigerian has noted our word.

When we talk, Africa listens!

The two are set to “marry”

The article drew features synonymous with both entertainers. Their tendencies of keeping Zimbabweans waiting for shows that never happen with no apparent reason.

After the article went viral, fast forward two days later the Nigerian superstar, probably moved by the article, went on Twitter to announce his wish of working with the Queen of Vosho as Zodwa Wabantu is affectionately known.

Zodwa waBantu

Zodwa waBantu

Davido asked Afrotainment boss, DJ Tira how he can get Zodwa Wabantu to feature in his upcoming music video.

“Hello @DjTira I wanna ft Zodwa wa bantu on my upcoming music video. How can I get hold of her? “(sic) he tweeted.

The tweet amassed thousands of retweets from the two duo’s fans who can’t wait for the duo to work together.

Davido has become a not-so-loved artists in Zimbabwe after calling off two of his much anticipated shows.

The “If” hitmaker cancelled his trip for Jah prayzah’s My Lily concert which coincided with the Zimbabwean’s Kutonga Kwaro album launch in October, forcing 2 Kings Entertainment to reschedule the date to November 25.

Come November 25 the Nigerian gave us another sermon of his ‘I won’t make it to Zimbabwe’ gospel.

After Davido’s cancellations his South African ‘crush’ Zodwa Wabantu proved to be not of the people after she cancelled two tours in the country with no valid reasons.

Devine Assignments booked her for two different tours as reparation for her fans who missed a chance of seeing her, alas the dancer was nowhere to be found.

Leaving many wondering if Zodwa Wabantu will ever make it to her own wedding that’s if ever she gets married.

Now that the two masters of absconding are set to work together we just await for the music video to be released; hopefully none of them will keep the other waiting.

Beside the drama they all subscribe to our lives, both artists are internationally recognised and a Davido video is a must watch due to the high quality productions.

Bringing in the most sought after Zodwa Wabantu as vixen as all he needs to market the video.

Zodwa wabantu is not new to music video vixens after she flaunted her curves in Dj Tira and Tipcee’s music video, Malume.

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