Dande Dam to usher new strategy

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Dande Dam to usher new strategy

The Herald

Fungai Lupande

Mash Central Bureau

Designs for Dande Dam in Kachuta communal lands in Guruve are progressing well as the Government adopts a new way of dam construction to include electricity generation, water purification, irrigation and fisheries.

Dande Dam has a capacity of 160 million cubic metres and is meant to hold water sufficient to irrigate at least 4 000 hectares of land while also generating 3,6 megawatts.

Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Dr Anxious Masuka said a 200-hectare irrigation scheme will be set up in Guruve. He said a dam is an economic enabler for rural development.

“The dam itself is not a project or our interest, but it is a means to an end. Every dam construction now must include five components, firstly its constructions and holding of the water,” said Dr Masuka.

“At planning stage, the dam must generate electricity for the community, these are lessons from Tugwi-Mukosi Dam.

“Irrigation will be set up for rural development, communities around the dam are the first to benefit. The dam must also have a purification plant for safe drinking water which goes into the community.

“Fisheries are also a component in every dam. 200 hectares of irrigation scheme will be set up for people in Guruve to benefit.”

Dr Masuka said Vision 2030 cannot be achieved when women and girls are still struggling to get water.

“Where there is no dam we are putting boreholes in every village,” he said.

“Those close to dams and have good soils are double privileged and this must be converted into production or they will be moved to dry land.”

The provincial irrigation engineer Tapiwa Mhlanga said they were working on the designs of Dande Dam.

“We are currently doing designs of the dam around the Kachuta area and surrounding farmers will benefit after the completion of the dam,” he said.

“Statutory Instrument 38 says everyone close to water bodies must irrigate. Those who are not interested will be relocated to dry land.”

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjory Munyonga said other dams under construction in Mashonaland Central include Semwa and Silverstroom.

Semwa Dam has a capacity of 260 million cubic metres of water, can irrigate 12 000 hectares of land and has a capacity to produce 17 kilowatts of electricity.

“The dam projects are aimed at improving water security in the province and assist in the attainment of food security and water security for its urban centres, growth points and rural service centres,” she said.

“Bindura Dam, has a capacity of 100 million cubic metres and will supply raw water to Bindura, which for years has been reliant on Mwenje Dam.

“Silverstroom Dam has the capacity 140 million cubic metres and can produce up to 800 kilowatts of  power.

“These four dams are expected to feed and impetus to the Government’s Accelerated Irrigation Development Programme which seeks to climate and drought proof the country and help in the attainment of food security and increased agricultural productivity.”

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