Dancer denies raping teen

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Dancer denies raping teen Selemani "Majuice" Mpochi

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Orchestra Mberikwazvo lead dancer Selemani Mpochi, known as Majuice, yesterday denied raping a 17-year-old girl sometime in September this year saying she consented and they had a relationship.

Mpochi, who was being represented by lawyer Mr Arshiel Mugiya, also told the court that the girl cooked up the allegations after being “pressured” by her mother who wanted to know why she had returned home late on the day in question.

The teenager, whose name has been withheld for legal reasons, chronicled how the sungura outfit lead dancer raped her.

“On the day in question, I asked Selemani to accompany me to Kuwadzana where I wanted to attend a party.

“I was not comfortable at the party and I asked him to return and pick me.

“It was around 5pm,” she said.

The girl told the court that after Mpochi picked her from Kuwadzana, he then drove her to a certain house where he gave her a drink before he briefly left.

She said she later started feeling dizzy after taking the drink.

Asked during cross-examination why she did not inform her mother of the sexual attack when she returned home, the girl told the court that she was not in good books with her mother and was not at liberty to inform her.

Also asked why she was refuting in court that she was in a love relationship with Mpochi, when she had told her mother that her boyfriend had dropped her during the day in question, she replied:

“My mother was questioning me too much and I just wanted to do away with her.

“We are not in good books with my mother”.

It is the State’s case that on August 20 the girl sent a text message to the dancer begging him to drive her to Kuwadzana the following day for a party.

On the next day, Mpochi met her and they proceeded to Kuwadzana where he dropped her and went away.

Mpochi allegedly gave her a beer and left to buy her food.

It is the State’s case that Mpochi came back and started caressing her and she told him to stop what he was doing.

The court heard that Mpochi went on to have sexual intercourse with the girl once without her consent. After the said act, it is alleged, Mpochi drove the girl to her house where she arrived late.

It is alleged that her mother asked her why she had come back home late and she lied to her only to reveal the truth the following day to her friend and the matter was reported to the police leading to Mpochi’s arrest

The matter continues tomorrow.

Regional magistrate Mr Kudakwahe Mhene presided while Mr Shepherd Makonde appeared for the State.

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