Cyber law not linked to 2018 polls: Minister

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Cyber law not linked to 2018 polls: Minister Supa Mandiwanzira

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Minister Supa Mandiwanzira

Minister Supa Mandiwanzira

Lionel Depute Herald Reporter
The Cyber Crime and Computer Bill has nothing to do with the 2018 harmonised elections, but seeks to protect people from abuse on social media, a Government official has said. Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira made the remarks at a cyber security workshop in Harare yesterday.

“It is important that we have this law as of yesterday, not tomorrow and not today because our people are being abused,” he said.

“They are vulnerable and we need to protect them.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said the law was not linked to the upcoming elections in anyway.

“A lot of people are likely to draw parallels that we are having elections that is why they want to move with it,” he said.

“Well, elections will always be there, but what is more important is to protect our people.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said when enacted into law, the Bill will help the Judiciary when dealing with crimes committed on social media.

“The legal fraternity raised concerns that they were facing huge difficulties because a lot of evidence is now on phones and computers and that is inadmissible,” he said.

“So, our laws need to be enacted to ensure that these processes are easier and make life easy for the lawyers.”

Minister Mandiwanzira said the bill would be presented to the Attorney General in a fortnight.

“We have reached a stage that the Draft Bill has to go to the Attorney General’s Office in two weeks time,” he said.

“We have done consultations. We have asked stakeholders to contribute to the law and those contributions have come.”

Bitcrack cyber security chief executive officer Mr Dimitri Fousekis said the law would reduce hacking incidents.

“The law will prevent hackers from possible terrorisation of the country and people’s security systems,” he said.

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