CUT student retraces footprints

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CHINHOYI University of Technology student Victoria Nyamhanza last week held a solo art exhibition themed “Matsimba Erwendo” at the university.

Speaking during the exhibition, Nyamhanza said “Matsimba Erwendo” was inspired by the desire to show how art can impact on the day to day lives of people.

“The exhibition is entitled ‘Matsimba Erwendo’ meaning the footprints of a journey. The footprints are the knowledge and the skills that the artist has acquired during the course of her journey to the school of art and design.

“This exhibition is a combination of different areas learnt over the past four years which involve graphic design, painting, photography, drawing, video editing, motion graphics and many more.

“During this journey I learnt that some are born artists and some artists are made. My passion for art made me become a polished artist,” she said.

Nyamhanza said “Matsimba Erwendo” art exhibition also sought to educate and inform  people on how art can change their daily lives.

“This exhibition seeks to showcase the knowledge and the skills I acquired over the past four years Chinhoyi University of Technology School of Art and Design,” she said.

Nyamhanza, who worked for Zimpapers as a print originator apprentice in 2009 in the production department, said her passion for art and design grew as she continued interacting with other artists during the course of her work.

Guest of honour at the event Innocent Manyera, who is general manager at CUT Hotel, said: “The curator, Victoria Nyamhanza joined Zimpapers as a print originator apprentice in 2009 in the production department. That is where her passion for art and design grew and she later enrolled at the Chinhoyi University of Technology to further her studies in the relevant field.

“She started pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Visual Communication and Multimedia Design. The degree gives one the ability to design for several platforms be it digital or print.

“With the knowledge acquired after studying visual communication one can become a graphic designer, photographer, motion graphic designer, animator, film producer and other profession in the art and design field.

“Unlike what the majority of people think, art is not all about painting and drawing, there is more to art.

“As her journey comes to an end at Chinhoyi University of Technology the curator invited us all to her exhibition to showcase the skills that she has acquired during the course,” he said.

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