Curtain comes down on                       Zimfeb Mawungira Enharira
Mawungira Enharira

Mawungira Enharira

Brenda Phiri Arts Correspondent
The curtain came down on the inaugural Zimbabwe Music Festival Bira on Friday night at the Book Cafe. The show, that was fairly attended, saw artistes taking turns to showcase the pride of Zimbabwean music. Maungira Enharira took centre stage and gave the best of traditional mbira music. They performed some of their greatest hits from the time they broke on to the music scene.

The founder of the festival, Sweden-based Luckson “Manluckerz” Chikutu, said his aim was to instil a sense of belonging especially in young musicians.
“Our culture is important and there is need to preserve it through the arts. When white settlers came to our land, they brought their Bibles and spread their way of life. I, on the other hand, am taking to their land, my drums and ‘madhumbu’ while showcasing the ways of my people,” he said.

He said this in reference to his signature traditional regalia that he wears during his European shows. He sings all his songs in Shona.
Chikutu also spoke of plans to uplift young musicians through educating them on digitalisation.

“This era we live in requires artistes to be well versed with the internet in order to spread their music far and wide. As a way of giving back to the locals, I am working on creating a websites and other platforms for artistes to launch their albums online, free of charge,” he said.

The National Arts Council applauded the initiative. In an interview, NAC assistant director Audrey Charamba said the move also promotes cultural exchange.
“It is always a welcome move when Zimbabweans in the Diaspora invest in the arts back home. This is someone who has lived in Sweden for some time, but wants to celebrate his culture wherever he is,” said Charamba.

The Zimfeb was formed in April 2007 in Sweden and has been held three times every year ever since.
Its objective is to bring people together through celebrating cultures from different parts of the world. It is also a chance to showcase Zimbabwe’s traditional music to people living in Sweden.

In the past, local artistes like Hope Masike have made appearances at the festival in Sweden.

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