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Creative hub defies physical boundaries

17 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent

CREATIVE and technological hub, 156 Tambira Lab, has defied physical barriers through online collaborations with like-minded creatives outside the country.

Through various initiatives, the hub is tapping into the global village through creating virtual linkages.

“We bring together passionate techies and creatives dedicated to collaborating and co-creating with the singular aim of turning Zimbabwe into a hotbed of tech innovation,” said Kumbulani Zamuchiya, one of the founders of 156 Tambira Lab.

“We have several organisations working under and with our hub, one of which is Zimbabwe Culture Centre of Detroit (ZCCD).

“Through this organisation we are fostering collaborations, one of which is a Skype and Mix project where we will be connected live to MOCAD Museum in Detroit. We will announce dates after finalising some of the details of the event.

“In this project we have two DJs virtually mixing music from two locations far away from each other- one in Zimbabwe and the other in the United States of America.”

This will not be the first time the hub is connecting creatives in the US and Zimbabwe after having done similar projects in which popular local dancer Franco Slomo worked with Detroit Jiti dancer Haleem Stringz. Other organisations operating at 156 Tambira Lab, include Tanga Clothing, Zagaie Music Program, Tallawah Productions and Youth against Alcohol and Drug Dependency (YADD). Zamuchiya said the space was also aimed at empowering young people.

“Through our work in different disciplines, we co-create as well as open the space for other artists to connect, expand and amplify the efforts on the global community.

“We focus this work on underserved communities and search for solutions that help them, which is the reason of investing in and supporting young people committed to using the Internet and art to change the world for the better.

“Our energies at 156 Tambira Lab are spent on exploring how the various digital channels can be maximised to engage disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society.

“Digital technology and art enables us to think radically and differently, to stimulate new forms of collaborations and to mobilise new communities of interest to take action for social                 good.

“It offers us phenomenal opportunities to inspire the creativity and compassion of millions of Zimbabwean Internet users in addressing social needs,” he said.

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