Creating you living room with wallpapers

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Creating you living room with wallpapers Some of the fascinating 3D designs of wallpaper that you can create in your lounge area

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There is hardly another room in the house that is as flexible in terms of interior design as the living room and there is no such thing as the special lounge wallpaper and there are no limits to possible themes and styles.

The living room is the place we come to relax after a long, hard day.

What we need in our living rooms is peace, cosiness and a comfortable environment – all easily achieved with our trendy living room wallpapers.

In terms of colour, the choice of wallpaper for the living room very much depends on the type of furniture and the layout and size of a room.

According to some, the living room has always been at the very centre of interior design, and wallpapers play a major role while the lounge is where we relax.

In fact it is a private refuge.

Family, life partners, friends and acquaintances gather here to chat, watch movies, spend a nice evening together, play games or simply enjoy each other’s company.  And it has, of course, the same value for singles who have the same desire to leave the hectic day behind and just chill.

However, the wallpaper in living rooms give the room the requisite warm and comfy touch.

Even though the lounge is one of the most private and personal rooms in the house, it also has a representative character. Depending on the layout of a home, it might be connected to the dining area, which makes way for new design options.

You need to know that designer wallpapers are a fantastic addition to any lounge.

Your very own parlour presents you with an opportunity to show your personality and taste by choosing a wallpaper in colours and with patterns that reflect it.

With stunning wall décor by famous names like Versace, Coordonné, NLXL, Vatos, Flavor Paper, you can create an exclusive ambience that most definitely has the X factor.

In large living rooms, there might be designated areas for reading, watching television or listening to music, and topical lounge wallpapers can provide the right backdrop.

There are also patterned wallpapers that can create the desired atmosphere in your living room

Some of the patterned wallpapers for the lounge include baroque, floral, striped, wallpapers with geometric patterns, vintage, glamorous, and romantic wallpapers which offer a huge variety of choice.

Modern lounge wall décor often comes in incredibly realistic material imitations like wood, concrete, stone, metal and ceramics and complements a whole range of contemporary interior design styles.

Wallpapers for living rooms can be brightly coloured or pastel, in light or dark hues, in natural, metallic, matt or glossy tones or a contrasting mix of colours.

Structures and special surfaces have an impact on the effect of the colour, especially in terms of light reflexes.

There is only one general rule: The final result should do justice to the specific character of the room.

The character of your living room is based on your own preferences, but you should follow a few tips for choosing the right colour to harmonise the layout and your style preferences.

Again light and natural colours add brightness to living rooms with small windows and limited natural light.

If the room is large, a contrasting darker tone can be used on one feature wall.

Multi-dimensional patterns can be interrupted by windows, which makes them less suitable for those areas.

Choose a wall without “interruptions” for large pattern wallpapers for the lounge.

Strong, stimulating colours should be used sparingly as the living room is predominantly an area of relaxation.

One feature wall with a patterned wallpaper is often enough to emphasise a specific style.

But warmth and comfort cannot just be achieved via specific colours – material structures and textile surfaces are a fantastic alternative. Imitation wood wallpapers, bamboo or cork wallpapers or linen wallpapers create an irresistible cosiness in any lounge.

For clear, modern or futuristic styles, try colour combinations in black/white/grey/silver.

Turquoise is one of the more inspiring colours for living rooms and it can be beautifully matched with many other hues, e.g. gold, silver and brown.

Purple and pink lend a romantic and somewhat mysterious air to the lounge.

Green stands for the freshness of spring or lush exotic greenery, depending on the intensity of the hue.

Exclusive designer wallpapers for stunning living rooms

Unlike other rooms in the home, the lounge can be beautified with wallpapers of any carrier and surface material. It is up to your own preferences whether you choose a paper-based or non-woven wallpaper for the lounge.

Various different types of characteristics or structures have an impact on one’s own well-being and can reflect personal styles and moods. Our living room design wallpapers are available as paper or non-woven (fleece) varieties with a huge choice of surface materials.

As a general rule, lounge wallpapers are not subject to extreme demands (for instance excessive humidity or potential stains). As a result, it is entirely up to you whether you’d prefer a wash-resistant or washable living room wallpapers. Our Wallpaper Shop offers a fantastic choice of materials, structures, patterns and motifs by designers from all over the globe. -

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