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Covid-19 transgressions criminal, says Namibian top cop

13 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Covid-19 transgressions criminal, says Namibian top cop Sebastian-Ndeitunga

The Herald

Windhoek. — Individuals who deliberately ignore the advice of health authorities to self-isolate after testing positive for Covid-19 should be criminally charged.

This is according to police chief inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga in response to a video that went viral on social media showing a young man attending a house party after being told to self-isolate by the authorities.

On his WhatsApp status the young man confirmed he tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday, and requested all those who were in contact with him this past weekend to be tested.

“Just in: Tested positive for Covid-19. If we’ve been in contact in the last two weeks, please do get tested and self-isolate. Wish you health and wealth,” his status reads.

While some welcomed the initiative to inform his contacts, others were not impressed.

Ndeitunga labelled his actions as “irresponsible”.

“A person like that one, if he knew very well in his mind that he was tested and told to isolate — he was not supposed to go out,” Ndeitunga said.

“These are the people who were supposed to be criminally charged. He is irresponsible and can be called criminal. His participation may result in somebody getting infected and even the death of someone,” he said.

The inspector general said the role of the police is to enforce Covid-19 regulations.

He said the police are not aware of parties or the transgression of regulations unless they are informed.

Ndeitunga urged the public to comply with the law. — The Namibian.

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