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Covid-19 patient gives birth

29 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
Covid-19 patient gives birth Dr Gibson Mhlanga

The Herald

Patrick Chitumba

Midlands Bureau Chief

Zimbabwe has successfully conducted the delivery of its first child whose mother was ill with Covid-19 with steps put in place to make sure the baby did not get infected.

The baby was delivered through a caesarean section at Gweru Provincial Hospital today.

Acting Secretary for Health and Child Care, Dr Gibson Mhlanga said the operation was successful with full adherence to standard guidelines on infection control and prevention.

The woman delivered the baby between 11am and midday.

Dr Mhlanga said in a statement last night that both mother and baby are stable and admitted in isolation at the hospital.

“We congratulate the mother, the father and the family. We would like to thank health workers at all levels in MoHCC departments and partners who contributed in various ways towards this good outcome,” he said.

“We would like to specifically thank and applaud the multidisciplinary team at Gweru Provincial Hospital, the leadership of the hospital and the provincial leadership for exemplary team work and a job well done.”

He said the lessons from this case will be used to model responses and management of similar cases in future.

The woman was among Zimbabwean returnees quarantined at Mkoba Teachers College in Gweru and tested positive to Covid-19.

The woman came from Botswana.

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