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Covid-19 cases reach 985

13 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Covid-19 cases reach 985

The Herald

Herald Reporter

The number of confirmed infections of Covid-19 tested in Zimbabwe reached 985 by last night, with 18 deaths and 328 confirmed recoveries.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care reported three more cases yesterday, two of returnees from South Africa in quarantine and one local infection, who is a contact of a confirmed case.

On Saturday, the ministry confirmed an extra 40 new infections, 30 of them infected within Zimbabwe although 13 of these were at Mpilo Hospital and three in a Matabeleland South quarantine centre.

There were five deaths reported that day, three within the community and two in facilities.

However, the death figures may be adjusted when the results of the post mortems are ready, since Covid-19 may not be the cause or a contributor to a particular death.

South Africa now has 3 971 confirmed Covid-19 deaths from 264 184 cases.

The number of cases is the ninth worst in the world, although the number of deaths is far less than other countries.

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