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Couple seeks divine help in Covid-19 war

27 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Couple seeks divine help in Covid-19 war Pastor Isaac and his wife Rosemary Muchaita

The Herald

Arts Reporter

CHEGUTU-based gospel music couple, Pastor Isaac and his wife Rosemary Muchaita has called people around the country and world at large to take heed of the regulations imposed by the authorities in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in the recently released 12-track album titled “Jehovah Muchengeti”.

Pastor Muchaita, who did six tracks while his wife did the remainder, told The Herald Arts that they believe that through the power of music, the message would spread

“All the tracks on the album are pointing to one title of the album, Jehovah Muchengeti’ meaning the Lord is our protector especially during this time of fighting the pandemic.

“We are in a situation where are fighting with one arm, as we all know that the health facilities in our country cannot afford to contain the scourge of the pandemic.

“These are the times when we say God is still in control hence He is the protector.

“It is important to follow all the regulations as set by the authorities either those from health, the Government or the police, in fighting this pandemic. We gathered as church leaders here in Chegutu and taught each other on how best we can protect ourselves and our congregants.”

Pastor Muchaita, who is into ministering, encouraged people in Zimbabwe to take a leaf from other countries and see how they are managing the pandemic.

He said religious leaders, through the influence vested in them, should also play a crucial role in spreading the word.

Pastor Muchaita also tackled marriage issues in the track “Mudzimai Akanaka” where he encourages couples to respect each other.

He also delved on social issues on the track “Handidi Haitengeswe”.

On that track Pastor Muchaita sings about  the advantages of making personal decisions and not succumb to social pressures.

“Most people cannot afford to say ‘No’ on other things, especially when pressured by their friends or role models even if those things are detrimental to their own health.

“On the track “Handidi Haitengweswi” we are telling people to learn to say ‘No’. It is not expensive to say I can’t and it is not a crime to say so for your own personal good,” he said.

Pastor Muchaita and his wife are currently working on videos for the songs. Songs on the album are “Musandinyaradze”, “Munondida”, “Vana” “Makanaka” “Mudzimai Akanaka”, “Ngatitendeuke”, “Handidi Haitengeswe”, “Munoona Vakaropafadzwa”, “Jehovah Muchengeti”, “Mweya Yakaipa”, “Jehovha Mufudzi”“Rumbidzo”.

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