Countdown to Fathers’ Day treat: The Nyanga expedition Takemore Mazuruse

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It is a week away before some parts of the world, including Zimbabwe, celebrate Fathers’ Day.

Fathers’ Day is observed on the third Sunday of June and it honours all fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and father figures for their contributions.

Somehow, the day was created to complement Mothers’ Day which falls in May.

During the Mothers’ Day period, a lot of events are organised accompanied by a lot of publicity.

When it comes to Fathers’ Day, it has been different as there is little publicity.

But it looks different this time around.

With seven days left to Fathers’ Day, social media and some organisations and companies are already exhibiting the mood and planning for the day.

This is upon the realisation that Fathers’ Day is an apt opportunity to celebrate and love the caring men in your life in one way or the other.

But what can you gift your father?

Will they be happy, just like what is done for the mothers, to be gathered around and have a party, caveman style, or just motivational sessions celebrating the day?

Whatever the case, fathers definitely need a treat on their day and a break from some of the societal pressures they face as they fend for their families.

In recent times, observers have pointed to a rise in suicide among men as they fail to deal with the pressures of life and the stigma that comes with failure to take care of one’s family or failure to become a celebrated achiever.

Some have been known to resort to gender-based violence as they feel they are not appreciated enough, an anomaly that can be easily fixed with better communication and education.

Whether it is your dad, uncle, brother, grandpa, or even pastor, a father figure is an important component of your life and existence, hence the need to celebrate him.

As this important day draws closer, a local creative agency, Esteem Communications, has partnered with Village Inn Hotel in Nyanga for what promises to be the mother of all Fathers’ Day celebrations this year.

This exclusive Father’s Day idea comes in the form of a treat package that will see fathers traveling to Nyanga and spending a night at the Village Inn Hotel.

There, they will enjoy hotel meals, tour Nyanga, get a free photoshoot and a Father’s Day hamper as well as free access to the annual Winter Festival at Montclair Hotel.

In an interview with The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle, Esteem Communications managing director Takemore Mazuruse said they were happy to partner with Village Inn Hotel to celebrate the important men in Zimbabwe.

“Fathers are important and the name father in most instances represents love,” he said. “We are, therefore, happy to have partnered with one of the comeliest local hotels in the Eastern Highlands, Village Inn Hotel, for a tailor-made Fathers’ Day treat that we believe is within everyone’s reach.

“We want this one to be as memorable as they come and we have already put in place the necessary logistics towards a memorable event. Transport to and from Nyanga will be provided and we will make sure this is an incident-free expedition to celebrate our fathers.

“We have made this as affordable as possible so that we don’t leave anyone behind. Those intending to join this simply need to check our Esteem Communications and Village Inn Hotel social media handles for details.”

The Fathers’ Day Nyanga trip will run from  June 17 to June 18 and beyond the key package activities, the fathers will also have free access to the annual winter festival to be held at Montclair Hotel.

“William Shakespeare once said music hath the charms to soothe a savage heart and we are happy to announce that beyond the usual benefits, among them hotel and accommodation plus related activities, our fathers will have free access to the annual winter festival to be held at Montclair Hotel,” said Mazuruse.

“We want them to be as relaxed as possible and there is no better way to cap this expedition than through some amazing music experience from local artists. It’s all systems go come June 17 to 18 and we hope as many will come for this experience.”

Village Inn Hotel official Tinashe Karimanzira said they were expecting to fill up the hotel come June 17 to 18.

“The Village Inn Hotel has become one of the most sought-after places in Nyanga, particularly at a time we are promoting local tourism and we are happy to have partnered with the multi-award-winning Esteem Communications in hosting this Fathers’ Day event,” he said.

“We have an exciting line-up of activities for all the fathers coming to Nyanga under this trip and we promise them a time of their lifetime. Our celebrity guest will be Tinashe Mugabe and we expect to have lots of fun.”

The organisers said the trip gives fathers a unique opportunity to refresh and ease off the pressure of playing provider to their families, hence the plan to take them to a resort area where they can refresh and fire themselves up towards their life goals and responsibilities.

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