Council turns beerhall into offices Ms Gwatipedza
Ms Gwatipedza

Ms Gwatipedza

Sharon Chiware Midlands Reporter
Gweru City Council has set aside $30 000 to convert one of its defunct beerhalls, which used to be run by Go Beer Brewery, into a revenue hall. Gweru town clerk Ms Elizabeth Gwatipedza said the local authority was turning Senga beerhall into administration offices to cater for residents in Senga, Nehosho and Makusha suburbs. The new revenue hall will start operating soon.

“We have set aside $30 000 to convert Senga beerhall into a revenue hall to improve revenue collection. Council has realised that there is need to increase revenue collection points so that residents are able to settle their bills timeously and without hustles,” she said. She said the administration offices will also house various departments, including those that deal with sewage and health services. Ms Gwatipedza said the move was necessitated by the need to bring services closer to residents for their convenience.

The revenue hall will be the second beerhall that has been turned into a revenue hall after council successfully turned Mkoba 16 beerhall last year into an administrative office. Most of council beerhalls that used to be operated by Go Beer are now defunct, with a few sublet to private business operators. Ms Gwatipedza said council also set aside $20 000 which will be used for upgrading the Gweru Mutasa Cemetery in Ascot suburb.

“We want to upgrade the central cemetery (Mutasa cemetery) as we want to build a storeroom and other amenities to be used my mourners,” she said.

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