Blessing Malinganiza Herald Reporter
Harare City Council is set to regularise a settlement in Hopley after the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing mistakenly allocated council land to a housing co-operative.

Members of the scheme went on to develop the land.

The beneficiaries, who have not been paying rates to council, will now be required to pay intrinsic land value for the stands.

According to recent minutes of the Finance and Development Committee, council considered a report by housing and community services acting director Rtd Major Matthew Marara, proposing the regularisation of Stand 10, Tariro Township, formerly allocated to Tariro Yevana Housing Scheme by the ministry.

The Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Ministry mistakenly allocated land in Tariro Township, Hopley, to Tariro Yevana Housing Scheme on May 23, 2007.

Tariro Yevana proceeded to develop the area, subdivided, surveyed and installed water and sewer reticulation infrastructure, as well as developing roads and installing electricity.

The housing scheme submitted water and reticulation designs to City of Harare, which were approved.

The land has 387 stands, which are not being levied rates by council.

The beneficiaries constructed structures, which have already been occupied.

Rtd Major Marara revealed that the investment on the project was quite substantial, hence the need for its regularisation.

“The committee noted that the regularisation would be done in compliance with the requirements that the beneficiaries in the housing pay scheme, in accordance with council policy shall pay 30 percent of intrinsic land value within 30 days from the date of allocation and 70 percent within three months of initial payment. Failure to pay as prescribed, the offer shall be withdrawn.

“The director of housing and community services shall manage the pay scheme through a constitution that shall be put in place for that purpose. That the pay scheme shall open a bank account, funds of which will be used for purposes of infrastructural development,” reads the minutes.

In order to curtail misappropriation of funds collected from pay scheme members, council would appoint a signatory to the pay scheme account.

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