Council replaces old trees in Africa Unity Square

17 Nov, 2021 - 15:11 0 Views
Council replaces old trees in Africa Unity Square

The Herald

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent

Harare City Council has started cutting down old trees which they say pose a danger to life in Africa Unity Square as part of the park’s renewal efforts.

Residents have previously urged council to renew the park by planting new trees and manicuring its surroundings.

The renewal project began last year with the planting of trees that are now three metres tall.

Old trees have been falling, damaging vehicles, buildings, blocking roads, and posing danger to human life in the city.

Council spokesperson Mr Innocent Ruwende said the local authority will soon renew the water fountains and beef up park security during day and night.

He said the park borehole will be replaced to ensure watering the park is continuous.

He also said they were partnering Meikles Hotel on the project.

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