Council employees siphon 50 000l fuel

Council employees siphon 50 000l fuel

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
A Harare City Council employee has resigned, while several others will face disciplinary action after they allegedly stole over 50 000 litres of fuel in separate in- cidents.

According to reports, the employees took advantage of an opaque procurement system to withdraw $70 000 in two weeks last year through a deal involving the purchase of 52 000 litres of fuel at Highfield Waterworks Depot.

An audit recently released by council’s audit committee revealed that certain municipal workers in the procurement department feasted on council revenue at a time the local authority was struggling to meet its service delivery obligations.

The 52 000 litres of petrol valued at over $70 400 were purchased from Raven Court Fuels, but the consignment never reached its destination.

According to audit committee minutes, councillors enquired early this month on progress on disciplinary action that had been taken against the employees involved in the fuel scan- dal.

“The director for Harare Water (Engineer Hosiah Chisango) advised that some of the employees had resigned and their names had been submitted to the Chamber Secretary’s department (legal division) for purposes of handling the issue of prejudice suffered by council,” read the minutes.

“However, disciplinary processes in respect of the rest of the employees involved in the scandal were still under- way.”

The Harare Residents Trust recently claimed that the City of Harare’s Internal Audit was suppressing Harare water and fuel scandals.

‘’Evidence has been gathered and it confirms that petrol amounting to $70 000 was claimed and payments made to Raven Court Fuels, but the petrol was not delivered to Harare Water’s Highfield Waterworks Depot,” said the Trust.

“Despite this, the whereabouts of 52 000 litres of petrol are unknown, and yet $70 000 left the coffers of Harare Water Projects Ac- count.”

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