Council cashiers mutate into ‘cash barons’

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Council cashiers mutate into ‘cash barons’

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Munyaradzi Doma Herald Reporter
Harare City Council cashiers are making a killing by intercepting thousands of dollars in cash payments which they then “sell” at a premium to bank debit card holders desperate for cash. The illegal transactions were exposed by audit manager Mr Joseph Issa in his report to the city council’s audit committee. He told the audit committee of the “interception of cash from ratepayers with a view of raising money for non-council employee card holders”.

Mr Issa reported that illegal money transfers were also prevalent within the City Treasurer’s Depart- ment.

The report further reads: “A review of the Point of Sale Machine transactions for the period 13 February to 16 February had revealed that cash was being raised on behalf of card holders whose bank accounts were debited and various amounts credited to several ratepayers accounts.

“The committee enquired whether money laundering was not an offence. The Acting Chamber Secretary reported that it is a criminal offence and an act of misconduct. The audit manager further advised that from the enquiry he made with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe it was a criminal offence.”

Mr Issa said it was observed that there were “no laid-down procedures regarding the act”.

Finance director Tendai Kwenda said he had since written a memorandum which was put in banking halls advising council workers that it was an offence to “intercept” cash.

Mr Kwenda and Mr Issa have since generated another circular warning that cashiers who breached rules would be disciplined.

The audit committee said there was need to come up with a clear policy on how such issues would be dealt with and after the circular, it was noted that the situation had improved.

The committee further called on the finance director to come up with clear policies.

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