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Coronavirus: Council of ministers meeting to be held via video conference

18 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Coronavirus: Council of ministers meeting to be held via video conference

The Herald

LUANDA The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Southern African Development Community slated for today in the Angolan capital, Luanda, will be held via video conference, the SADC national secretary, Nazare Salvador, has said.

This is in compliance with rules of prevention of the COVID-19, which recommends, among other measures, not to travel to other countries, said the Sadc national secretary during the preparatory meeting held via video. The meeting will have discussions on Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan and Organ for Politics, Defence and Security 2020-2030 as well as the Finance Committee Report.

Another issue discussed at the preparatory meeting is linked to the Sadc Regional Tourism Organisation (RETOSA), which has gone through a long critical period.

“It is practically closed and bankrupt”, Salvador said.

The Sadc national secretary underscored that urgent action is needed, one of them being the official closure, to make the liquidation of RETOSA and a financial survey of the organ, since there are many problems related to the payment of salaries of the employees.

Sadc will celebrate its 40th anniversary on April 1. Xinhua.

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