Cop shoots soldier

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The Herald

Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Correspondent
A SOLDIER is lucky to be alive after he was shot by a police detective in Gweru in a dispute over mbanje.

The incident occurred around 5pm at Amtec Service Station on Saturday when Detective Constable Gift Gorongonya allegedly shot Corporal Zico Shumba of the Zimbabwe National Army Military Police based at Five Brigade regiment in Kwekwe, who was in uniform.

Shumba had disembarked from a ZNA bus which had stopped for a recess at the  service station along Gweru- Harare Road when he was allegedly shot by detective Gorongonya.

Chaos ensued at Gweru Central Police Station when soldiers besieged the charge office baying for the detective’s blood. Director Army Public Relations Lieutenant-Colonel Alphios Makotore confirmed the incident, saying Gorongonya has since been arrested for shooting Shumba.

“I can confirm that one of our members was shot by a police officer in Gweru yesterday (Saturday). However, investigations are still going on and we do not want to jeopardise them. We are informed that the police officer who shot our officer has been arrested and will appear in court tomorrow (today),” he said.

National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba referred this reporter to the officer commanding Midlands province police.

“Regarding that issue may you please contact Police Officer Commanding Midlands Province. She will furnish you with the details,” she said. Duty Officer Commanding Midlands Province Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Tabeth Mtabeni said she was still compiling the details of the case and would forward them to Snr Ass Comm Charamba.

“We are still compiling the details of the case and as a matter of procedure we will give them to Snr Ass Comm Charamba because she is the one who speaks to the media,” she said.

However, a source close to the matter said Gorongonya and his colleague Constable Chrispen Musiiwa attacked a civilian whom they suspected to be a soldier whom they had found allegedly smoking marijuana at Kudzanayi Bus terminus. The two cops chased after the suspect who ran towards Harare road before they caught him at Armtec Service Station after firing three shots in the air.

He said the detective constables went on to allegedly assault their suspect with clenched fists and open hands. The source said during the alleged assault of the civilian by the police officers, a ZNA bus which was coming from Mvuma stopped at Armtec Service Station and uniformed military police soldiers disembarked before they tried to restrain the two detectives from further assaulting their suspect.

“When the soldiers disembarked from the bus to restrain the two police officers, Musiiwa then pointed a gun at Corporal Shumba who managed to disarm him and removed the magazine. Detective Gorongonya immediately opened fire at Corporal Shumba and shot him on the ankle on his left leg,” said the source. The source said the two detectives fled to Gweru Central Police Station, while Shumba was rushed to Zimbabwe Military Academy Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

“There was commotion at Gweru Central Police Station when soldiers descended there baying for the police detective’s blood. High-ranking officers from both army and police were then called in before the soldiers vacated the police station and preceded with their journey,” said the source.

“At that time, scores of people had gathered outside Gweru Central Police Station to witness the drama unfolding before they dispersed when the soldiers went away.” The source said Gorongonya has been charged with attempted murder and will appear in court today.

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