Cop shoots colleague

Cop shoots colleague

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
A POLICE officer allegedly shot a female colleague while trying to sneak into a Government minister’s house she was guarding in order to see his lover, a housemaid, a Harare magistrate heard last Friday.

Constable Lloyd Salobe (29) appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Fadzai Mtombeni facing attempted murder and supplying false information charges after he shot Constable Hazel Mutasa at Marco-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Obert Mpofu’s Gunhill residence in October last year.

He was remanded in custody to March 22 for trial.

Prosecutor Ms Ressy Nyamombe alleged that on October 30 last year Salobe and his colleague in the Police Protection Unit, Mutasa, were together on parade at Harare Central Police Station before being deployed to provide night security services in Highlands and Gunhill, respectively.

While at his station – Justice Lavender Makoni’s home – Salobe decided to visit his girlfriend who was a housemaid at Minister Mpofu’s home where Mutasa was on duty.

At around 10pm, Salobe allegedly called his girlfriend informing her that he was coming over.

The court heard that at around 2am Mutasa heard a knock at the guardroom and asked for the day’s password.

Salobe gave the correct password and Mutasa opened the guardroom.

It is alleged that Mutasa was surprised to see that the visitor was wearing a face mask and armed with an AK47 riffle.

Salobe ordered Mutasa to follow his orders and she dropped her gun and surrendered.

He kicked Mutasa and she fell to the ground before a scuffle ensued.

Trying to free herself, Mutasa allegedly crawled towards the house intending to alert the residents.

It is alleged that Salobe then shot her on the left side of her abdomen.

Thinking that Mutasa was dead, Salobe scaled the precast wall and fled to his work station.

To cover his tracks, Salobe alleged lytore his uniform and scratched his face, stomach and chest using thorns.

At his work station, Salobe started crying and calling for help.

It is alleged that he told residents at his work station that he was attacked by an assailant who stole his firearm and police uniform. He added that the assailant returned the firearm minutes later with two rounds of ammunition missing.

He reported the matter to the police and investigations revealed that he had filed a false report.

Investigations also revealed that the spent cartridge at the crime scene matched Salobe’s service rifle, while his hands tested positive for gunshot residue following a forensic examination.

The face mask was also recovered at his work station.

A medical examination concluded that Mutasa suffered lacerations on her backside and lower abdomen.

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