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O-Level results out

The November 2017 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) Ordinary Level results are out and are ready for ...

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Cool Reloaded: ‘The Revenant’ glorious but . . .

Cool Reloaded: ‘The Revenant’ glorious but . . . “The Revenant” actors in action
“The Revenant” actors in action

“The Revenant” actors in action

Swagga T
Predictions for the rains have become true, however, the issue of floods remains in balance. Sad to hear that there is a school far from Harare that has only two teachers for 300 student. We were shocked when we got news from a student who called CLS after watching news on ZBC TV and requested for us to take action. We are sure by now the good minister is on it and we hope to bring good news.

Last week we zeroed in on Lupita’s racism story and we were thrilled how the story got hits on your social media. Thank you for sharing the news but some of your statements were a bit off, just remember to keep the swag on.

Should Bey, get another award for her hit song “Run this world”?

It is now confirmed that women can change the world given a chance, with their persuasion and intelligent they can.

The Advanced Level results are out and congratulations to those who made it.

Girls have dominated this year and we celebrate their effort.

Some said it is because of the ratio issue that more girls sat for exams than guys. We say whichever way, it is still all good because the overall pass rate went up.

Imagine being Madonna’s daughter Mercy James who turned 10 recently.

Mercy’s birthday was special to the world because her mother led her audience at Miami’s American Airlines Arena singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

The 57-year-old singer brought the youngster — who had celebrated her big day earlier in the week — out on stage at the latest show in her “Rebel Heart” tour and asked the crowd at the American Airlines Arena in Miami to join her in serenading her daughter.

After the musical tribute, Madonna then presented Mercy with a candle-topped cupcake.

She later shared a picture of the moment on Instagram, alongside the caption: “Make a Wish Mercy James”.

Earlier in the week, the “Living For Love” singer — who also has children Lourdes 19, Rocco 15, and David 10 — had used her Instagram account to wish Mercy a happy birthday.

Alongside a smiling picture of herself and the birthday girl, she wrote: ”Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mercy James! ”

Remember CLS is for you too. You can share your birthday and invite us anywhere.

Fashion and style is continuing taking charge in teenagers’ lifestyle. The crop top that made a hit in the 70s and 80s is back.

You surely can trust your momma for the stylish tip on this one. You can also talk to her nicely, obvious she has one kept in the wardrobe. One thing I have noticed; the top looks perfect only in baggy jeans or tights. Remember the neon colour rocks them both added with the Adiddas sneakers.

We have rekindled our relationship with schools this season as we are visiting and conducting sessions. Don’t be left out in this initiative.

On to the big screen review “The Revenant” movie is glorious but a bit grisly.

Yah right Di Caprio took the Oscar but it’s actually the bear who deserves the Oscar.

Di Caprio plays Hugh Glass, a hairy frontiersman in 1820’s Montana, devoted to his son and to the memory of his murdered wife, who is engaged as a guide by a group of trappers and fur traders.

Led by the decent Captain Henry (Domhnall Gleeson), most of them are also soldiers, note that their military training comes in particularly helpful when they are savagely attacked by a tribe of what in less enlightened movies are known as injuns, but we know as the Arikara.

The attack comes so soon after the start of the film that the rampaging Arikara practically chase the opening credits off the screen, but soon it is clear why.

It is a must see but needs those who pay close attention, otherwise if you miss a thing, following will be a mountain to climb.

Till next week….

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