COOL RELOADED: Secure your gadget the cool way

COOL RELOADED: Secure your gadget  the cool way Everykey


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Hello good people!!! Welcome back to school and those who just started, we hope you’re catching up well. We had requested for your first day at school pictures and we are still waiting. School is important and make sure you do what your teacher tells you to do.

Make a fresh good start with others and don’t be a nuisance or a bully. It is a thing of the past and not cool at all.

It is sad to note that we’re still receiving news that some students are barred from entering school premises because of non-payment of school fees. We hope schools have resolved the issue.

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Well, Cambridge examination results are out and according to our survey many students came out with flying colours.

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Gadget mania news

Everykey is a wearable that automatically unlocks your devices any time you’re in the vicinity.

Everybody wants a better way of enforcing digital security than passwords.

Problem is, most of everything around will either require too much work or bring too much complication.

The folks behind Everykey think they have a more functional solution.

A small device that can be hooked on a key ring or inserted in a wristband, the device will automatically unlock any access-controlled device registered to it any time you’re in the vicinity, as well as lock it back up as soon as you step away.

Whether it’s your phone, your laptop, or the smart lock on your home’s front door, all you have to do is be a certain distance away and it will automatically open it up for access, making for an especially convenient tool.

Aside from devices, it can also automatically log you into websites — just open the site on a browser and it will handle the actual log-in while you sit back and wait.

Everykey secures your digital life by keeping none of your passwords or access codes either on their servers or the device itself.

Instead, it simply sends a pseudo-random AES 128-bit encrypted message to the devices over Bluetooth as a way of identifying itself, with the actual passwords and access codes saved right on the individual devices themselves.

The encryption key is installed just on the device and not on the servers, so the tiny fob itself is the only thing you need to worry about.

In case it gets lost or stolen, you simply go online to the Everykey website to freeze your band and disable its access, with the server sending a message to all your devices and accounts to require manual entry.

Features include a range that’s customisable up to three meters, a rechargeable battery rated at up to 30 days of use, and a water resistant construction.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Everykey. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $128. — coolstuffnet

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