COOL RELOADED: Another year to showcase talent, swag

COOL RELOADED: Another year to showcase talent, swag Tyga and Kylie
Tyga and Kylie

Tyga and Kylie

Swagga T
Happy New Year 2016! The anticipation is over, the merrymaking has passed, and the New Year has begun. As we wish you a happy 2016, we hope you have found a chance for not only deep reflection and positivity, but a great opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals.

For CLS our 2016 is going to be full of surprises.

Yes, we move with time which leads us to always re-branding the paper.

Thanks to you for your inputs.

Well, it is just two days away before the new school term begins.

For those going to Form One, welcome to teenhood.

Get ready for action.

Gone are the days when we used to hear stories of the bullyville, but it is now a thing of the past and if anyone tries to make you a victim report them immediately.

Bullying is a serious offence and if affected please don’t hesitate to report to responsible authorities. After all it is also another kid just like you. Fear not and enjoy going to school.

It is just sad that those fancy, weird hairstyles have to go and it is time to hit the barbershop.

As CLS next week we are giving away a prize for best back to school picture.

Please post on our Facebook page and tell your friend to vote for you by liking the picture.

Still on social media, 2016 is hotter as we have just received the news that one of the busiest social handle media — Twiter is set to add more character limits.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has responded to rumours about a 10 000 character limit for tweets, using more than 140 characters.

Hinting the change was most likely to happen, he wrote: “we didn’t start Twitter with a 140 character restriction.

We added that early on to fit into an SMS message (160 characters). However, Twitter users have come out in fighting form to defend the platform from the potential changes.

Tweets are known for their brevity, and at 140 characters or less, they are designed to be quick, sharp snippets of text. But soon, fans of the hugely popular social media platform might see messages get longer — much longer, expanding to a potential 10 000 character length.

The news was first reported by Re/code, which said Twitter is targeting a launch date toward the end of the first quarter of this year for the product that would let users tweet much longer messages, according to multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans.

The same sources referenced 10 000 characters as a potential new length limit, which is currently the maximum number of characters allowed in a Twitter direct message.

The project is being referred to as “Beyond 140”.

Enough of this, in other news Tyga and Chris Brown have continued to be bad boys.

Rapper Tyga is believed to have been dating an under-age girl while still in a relationship with Kylie Jenner.


The teen revealed herself to be a ninth grader named Molly at a press conference held last Monday.

Unfortunately the teen who is an aspiring model and singer has thousands of followers on social media claimed she was wrongly portrayed as being excited to potentially have a relationship with the rapper, who she never met.

A 14-year-old whose texts to Tyga led to her being accused of briefly ending his on/off relationship with Kylie Jenner sobbed during a press conference.

It is said that while Molly never met the rapper, they traded messages until his suggestion that they Face-time made her ‘uncomfortable,’ she explained.

Oh Boy we got to make things right.

On to the big screen, movies are continuing to be released.

All things considered, 2015 was jam-packed —full of great films, and the last month of the year was no exception.

From the box office behemoth that is “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to intriguing new releases like “The Revenant” and “The Hateful Eight”, the month was filled with anticipated films and potential awards contenders.

While January is traditionally considered one of the slowest months at the box office, the film world is still entering 2016 with some surprises in store for movie goers.

In addition to the films hitting theatres in the coming weeks, a number of smaller critical favourites are likely to expand to wider releases to build buzz ahead of February’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Let’s wait and see what Ster Kinekors theatres can offer

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