CONTROVERSIAL CLASH…Bev confronts Moyana over song

Bev MoyanaTawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda last week confronted controversial lyricist Jacob Moyana over his song “Tinonamatako kwaMagaya”.
The confrontation reportedly happened at Private Lounge last week with Bev’s manager Hapaguti Mapimhidze asking Moyana why he was singing that song.

“Bev wakatadza kumutendeutsa asi ini ndichauya kuzonamatako kuchurch kwako Magaya (You failed to convert Bev but I am coming to your church to pray, Magaya),” sings Moyana on the song.

Mapimhidze confirmed the confrontation, saying Moyana could not explain the song.

“Yes, I confronted him because he cannot sing like that. We parted ways with Magaya peacefully and we agree on everything with the man of God so we have problems with those who are creating issues with us,” said Mapimhidze.

He said Bev believes in God and for other musicians to castigate her for leaving Magaya’s church was unacceptable.

“Moyana is controversial and the only advice that I can give him is to work on his lyrics than to taunt a fellow artists who is in into same business with him.”

Moyana said he was just an artiste who could make his lyrics from things that happen in the society.

“Yes he asked me but I could not answer him because I am just a musician who came to Harare to look for money and I don’t see anything wrong with that,” he said.

Recently in Masvingo the notorious musician played the song much to the delight of the fans who had come.

Moyana is not new to controversy as his songs have been received with mixed feelings.

Recently Star FM fans refused to have his music played on the station saying it was not proper for public consumption.

Moyana said he was now working on getting his many albums that he has recorded cleaned for sober audiences, but said he would remain singing his lurid lyrics.

“I am happy singing in bars because I have been singing clean music for a long time and it has brought me nothing so I will remain singing what pleases mischievous minds,” he said.


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