Construction of villas set to start in Zim Cyber City Local Government and Public Works Minister Winston Chitando (centre) and his counterpart National Housing and Social Amenities Minister Daniel Garwe (right) listen to Mulk Holdings International Chairman Mr Shaji UI Mulk explain the features on the artistic impression of the Zimbabwe Cyber City at the official opening of a marketing office in Mt Hampden yesterday. — Picture: Kudakwashe Hunda

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent

Construction of 50 modern villa apartments out of the 233 proposed units is set to start soon in the Zimbabwe Cyber City, in Mount Hampden.

Yesterday, the Zimbabwe Cyber City officially opened its sales offices in Mount Hampden ahead of the start of construction.

Zim Cyber City is the first Mulk Holdings International’s real estate project in Zimbabwe managed through its locally-registered subsidiary, Zimbabwe Global Investment.

The Cyber City will make Zimbabwe the first African country with a smart city and is expected to usher in a new era of economic and social development.

Local Government and Public Works Minister Winston Chitando toured the project yesterday, and praised the focus, commitment and speed at which Mr Shaj Ul Mulk and his team have progressed.

Minister Chitando said the Zim Cyber City project was further evidence of the success of the engagement and re-engagement policy being implemented by the Government under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

“It also highlights the strong diplomatic and economic ties which exist between progressive members of the international community and Zimbabwe,” he said.

“This Zim Cyber City is envisaged to be a key feature that will bring added value to the new city at Mount Hampden.

“It marks a significant step towards realising the vision of a digital Zimbabwe.

“The Government has prioritised the development of the digital economy as a key driver of economic growth and development, and the Zim Cyber City office is a critical component of this strategy.”

Minister Chitando further said the Zim Cyber City presents various investment opportunities in both commercial and residential building development.

He said the inland duty free mall, being the first of its kind in Africa, and the Mulk Tower, both present a huge opportunity for the tourism and financial services sector investments.

The Zim Cyber City, added Minister Chitando, is a self-contained intelligent city, providing high quality infrastructure, attractive surroundings and high-speed communication access, for the production of goods and services for both local and export markets.

“Additionally, the Cyber-City will host several information technology companies, their offices, as well as modern living spaces and commercial outlets,” he said.

“Zim Cyber City is a connected, smart, innovative development that offers modern technologies, organised transportation systems and ICT hub for financial services. In this regard, investors within the Cyber City shall provide a platform that fosters local innovation and productivity towards fostering sustainable economic growth and development.”

Mulk International chairman, Mr Mulk said they were looking at finishing the first 50 villas in the next 15 months.

“We believe that it is our responsibility and duty to bring technology to Zimbabwe and we are bringing a thing that is five times bigger than some of the houses in the United States,” he said.

“The technology we are bringing here is 20 years ahead of that in the United States. “

The team both in the United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe spent about nine months to a year to come up with a final product.

“We are glad that the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works has given us the approval and we are ready to build. We will be moving very quickly in building the houses and we are planning to finish the first 50 villas in the next 15 months.”

Zimbabwe Global Investment chief executive officer, Ms Tendai Mamvura, said all the paperwork was in place for the construction of the Zim Cyber City.

“Zim Cyber City is bringing new things that are going to happen in Mt Hampden. We have quite a lot of paperwork to align with the legal framework of what we are going to be doing at the Zim Cyber City,” she said.

One of the key benefits of Zim Cyber City is its potential to boost tourism in the country.

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class amenities, the city will attract visitors from all over the world.

Zim Cyber City’s integration into the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) programme highlights the Government’s commitment to promoting sustainable growth and attracting investments.

It will facilitate special window clearance of block chain and digital asset licenses and bank accounts, cutting-edge office spaces, and high-end residential apartments for all individuals and entities operating and living in the community.

It will include 24/7 advanced, built-in surveillance technology that is directly connected to local law enforcement authorities for maximum security of residents.

The project is attracting local and international investors with Zimbabwe’s cricket super star Sikandar Raza already signing up to own a villa  in the Zim Cyber City. Many international celebrities from India and the United States are also destined to become Zim Cyber City unit owners. There are also plans for the Government to acquire villas for the Heads of State and the first lot is planned to be handed over by June 2023

In addition to its economic benefits, the Zim Cyber City aims to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of Zimbabwe.

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