Construction of Kunzvi Dam on course Mashonaland East Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Mr Tavabarira Kutamahufa said the expansion of the border post would benefit the nation and also address congestion while also boosting the local economy.

Victor Maphosa Mashonaland East Bureau

The construction of Kunzvi Dam northeast of Harare is on course as confirmed by the authorities who visited the dam site to have an appreciation of the progress made so far.

The US$109 million project will augment Harare water supplies and provide direct feed to the northern and eastern suburbs which suffer the worst water shortages since they are the furthest from Morton Jaffrey waterworks and Lake Chivero.

Kunzvi will also be able to supply Chitungwiza and surrounding areas more easily since the water can run south through eastern Harare directly into the town.

China’s Nancheng Engineering was awarded the tender last year, and already, significant progress can be recorded, as the Second Republic fulfills its promises and works towards turning the country into an upper middle income economy by 2030 and in line with the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

Yesterday, the Mashonaland East provincial executive visited the dam site to have an appreciation of the progress.

In an interview with The Herald after the site visit, Mashonaland East Provincial Secretary for Devolution Mr Tavabarira Kutamahufa said the construction was going according to the plan.

“The purpose of the tour was for monitoring and evaluation, inspecting the progress. The contractor is on site and the equipment is also on site. Progress has also been made in terms of construction. There is also evidence of stakeholder engagement and acceptance.

“So the contractor is on course and we are happy with the timelines. They are on target. So as a province we are happy with the progress so far,” Mr Kutamahufa said.

Kunzvi Dam was planned decades ago as the fifth major supply dam for greater Harare and the third large dam, and was the first not on the Manyame River and the first feeding into the north and east of the metropolitan area. After the decades of talk there was swift movement under the Second Republic as the Government sorts out the mess.

The contractor, Nancheng Engineering constructed Muchekeranwa Dam in Marondera which was commissioned by President Mnangagwa last year.

Nancheng Engineering is also working on Sengwa Dam in Mount Darwin and Silverstroom Dam in Centenary and has completed the pipeline linking Mtshabezi and Umzingwane dams.

China has been instrumental in financing and constructing Zimbabwe’s infrastructural projects in energy, telecommunication and transport, chief among them the expansion of Robert Gabriel International Airport and the new Parliament Building in Mount Hampden.

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