Constitution set for amendments

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The Herald

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
ZANU-PF is seriously considering amending the Constitution to remove “problematic clauses” that have been abused by opposition elements led by MDC-T and its quasi-political groupings posing as civic organisations who seek to destabilise the country through illegal demonstration.

Legal practitioners have already urged the revolutionary party to use its majority representation in Parliament to amend the Constitution to stop lawbreakers from destabilising the country.

Government and zanu-pf Chief Whip Cde Lovemore Matuke on Thursday said opposition elements were abusing the Constitutional provision that allowed peaceful demonstrations.

“The Constitution does not allow people to demonstrate and loot, destroy properties and beat up police officers,” said Cde Matuke.

“We are definitely considering the clauses in the Constitution that have been abused.

“We are taking it up with our leadership at party level so that we amend those provisions.

“We cannot allow the Constitution to be abused for the benefit of a few riotous people.”

Cde Matuke said peace was an important ingredient for the development of any country.

To that end, he said it was critical that law enforcement agents continue to protect the country from internal and external enemies.

Cde Matuke said the police had so far managed to contain the situation.

“So when we get back to Parliament after our break, we will definitely consider the problematic clauses.

“We want to refine them so that the Constitution is not abused by people who want to loot, destroy property and attack people who have nothing to do with the illegal demonstrations.

“We are also urging our party MPs to address their constituencies and advise them not to take part in this looting-spree being by spearheaded by opposition parties.

“As a revolutionary party, we are not part of this mayhem. So we want our people to know that they should not be misled by these malcontents.

“Zimbabwe is a peaceful country and it should remain so. Being violent will not help the country in any way. It retards development, so that is what we want to address through the Constitutional amendments. We are still waiting for guidance from the leadership in that regard,” said Cde Matuke.

The current Constitution came about as a compromise document, written and adopted during the Inclusive Government, but analyst say it makes it difficult to govern.

It is for that reason that they called on the ruling party to use its majority representation to amend the Constitution to protect citizens from violent demonstrations.

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