Command Agric inputs ready for collection

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Command Agric inputs ready for collection (File pic)

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fertilizaElita Chikwati Senior Agriculture Reporter—
Inputs for the specialised maize production programme are ready for collection at designated distribution and collection points, Government has said. Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, and chairman of the Integrated Command Agriculture Taskforce Mr Justin

Mupamhanga yesterday said farmers had been categorised into two groups to promote transparency and efficiency.“Those with 40 hectares and above, have the capacity to collect directly from suppliers. Seed will be collected from Seed Co, and fertiliser from ZFC or FSG.

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“And those farmers with less than 40 ha and do not have the capacity to collect can be grouped together and collect their inputs at designated points as advised by the designated Agritex officer,” he said.

Mr Mupamhanga said farmers participating in the Command Agriculture programme needed to complete notification letters for collecting inputs forms, listing the types of inputs such as seed, ammonium nitrate (AN) fertiliser, compound D fertiliser, lime, fuel and agro-chemicals.

“The forms will be filled in quintriplicate (5 copies) and dispatched. The first copy remains with the supplier, the second copy with the farmer, third copy command centre, fourth copy with the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development for reconciliation purposes and the fifth copy for the Grain marketing Board for credit control purposes,” he said.

Mr Mupamhanga said Agritex officers will be present at every collection point to ensure that only contracted farmers complete the forms and collect their inputs.He advised farmers to contact Agritex officers for further information on the laid down procedures to be followed when collecting the inputs.

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