Comic Pastor to wed on Xmas Day

Comic Pastor to wed on Xmas Day Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi
Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi

Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi

Problem Masau Arts Correspondent
Plucked from the impoverished streets of Epworth about three years ago — thanks to the Internet — Prosper Ngomashi, popularly known as Comic Pastor in the entertainment circuit, continues to write his own story encrypted on the values of hard work and sheer perseverance.

Comic Pastor said 2017 was his best year since bursting to the limelight with his “Shamu” skit in 2015 that went viral. To put icing on the rather ‘sweet’ 2017, the comedian-cum-musician is scheduled to wed his sweetheart Noddy Marecha on December 25.

“I paid lobola in September and I can confirm that my wedding is on December 25,” said the man who earns a living by cracking the nation’s ribs.

The comedian had great year that saw him scooping two awards at the recently held Zimbabwe Business Awards.

“Looking back, 2017 was a good year for me. I managed to host national events such as Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines first aid competition. I also managed to create a panel of fools committee together with fellow comedians Tinaye Kadem and Louis the Prince of Comedy where we tackle serious issues in a more comical way,” he said.

The comedian also tried his hand in music, which saw him releasing six tracks and two videos.

“I do music for fun and I am starting to really enjoy it,” he said.

Born 33 years ago, Ngomashi caught the attention of the nation with his comic skit “Shamu”. In the video, the Comic Pastor catches the viewer’s attention with his presentation skills as he tries to sell his rods to discipline children.

For a man who spent his large junk of the day as a fabric salesman in Msasa, he knows the intricate details associated with selling hence his rib cracking video.

“I am a salesman for a fabric shop, so selling is in my veins. When I set out to make this video, I felt at home and knew that the skit was going to be a hit with the people. I was trying to tackle serious issues in a more humorous way,” he said.

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