Cloudy, cold and wet conditions expected till Saturday – MSD

29 Jun, 2022 - 10:06 0 Views
Cloudy, cold and wet conditions expected till Saturday – MSD

The Herald

Elita Chikwati Acting Features Editor

Cloudy, cold and wet conditions are set to persist till Saturday, the Meteorological Services Department has said.

Small pellets of hail are probable in a few areas, and this should not be mistaken for snow.

According to the MSD, the wet spell reduces the occurrence of ground frost but may affect crops that are still drying in the fields.

“In the past week, the Matopos and Kezi experienced severe frost with ground temperatures -3 degrees Celsius but these are not yet record breaking.

“The cold affects sectors such as health as well as tourism, sports and recreation (as demand decreases).

“The cloudy, cold and windy conditions that have been in the southern parts of the country since yesterday, are expected to spread and cover much of the country by today. This should result in light rain in many parts of the country, with these cloudy, cold and wet conditions set to persist till Saturday,” said the MSD.

The skies are however, expected to start clearing on Sunday leading to warmer afternoons at the end of the forecast period.

The evenings and mornings are expected to be cold, with ground frost being anticipated on Monday morning, (July 4) in most frost-prone areas.

Meanwhile, the MSD’s seismic report shows that there were several minor earthquakes of magnitude less than 2.5.

These had a minor effect and are usually never felt by people.

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