Claims of election rigging: all froth and no beer! President Mnangagwa and a Zambian official during the 78th Ordinary Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Isdore Guvamombe

The just ended harmonised elections in Zimbabwe, won emphatically by President Mnangagwa and his ruling ZANU PF party, have exposed how the United States of America and its allies in the European Union, mercilessly gang up against sovereign states to effect regime change.

Like a pack of hungry wolves, the US and its allies, showed their highly aggressive predatory manoeuvres and tried to rig the election in favour of CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, using hacking Information Communication Technology, political might, cruelty, deceit and blatant disregard of the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

When that failed, they immediately switched and turned the tempo against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, accusing it instead, of rigging.  To those in know, accusing ZEC of rigging in favour of ZANU PF was a smokescreen to provide an escape route from imminent exposure.

Now that the plot has failed, is it not shameful for EU to announce that it was withdrawing funding. So, it has become more clearer now, that the funding was meant to manipulate ZEC and tilt the result towards Chamisa.  This is brazen crass! EU must be ashamed of that. If anything ZEC must be applauded for resisting manipulation by EU.

It was a case of so near, yet too far, and the frustration in Chamisa, the US government and EU is telling.  In the aftermath, claims by Chamisa, the Biden administration and EU of ZEC rigging the election in favour of President Mnangagwa ended up as a case of all froth and no beer.

Chamisa could not go to court to challenge the results because he had no evidence. The US and EU are too financially liquid that with a bit of evidence they would have gone to court with the best lawyers in the country. But froth is not beer!

Zimbabwe — small as it is — is a very complicated country that mighty US can under estimated at its own shame. Zimbabwe was born out of a protracted liberation struggle, that has taught ZANU PF many survival skills.

And, by the way, ZANU PF is not a moribund political party, it is alive to realities around it and it has moved with the times. It is one of those revolutionary political parties that has not set on its laurels, but has caught up with world technology and modernism.

Zambia, Zambia, Zambia! Our good neighbours since time immemorial are being dragged into unnecessary murky waters by an irresponsible leadership that has turned itself into puppets of the US.

Zambia under President Hichilema is trying hard to throw away the baby with the bath water. The US has of late been using Zambia as a willing appendage. And, that is what the US$1 billion loan facility from IMF does. You have to unfortunately please the master.

Poor Nevers Mumba, is just being abused because he thinks this is his opportunity to climb out of the political dustbin, he found himself into after the death of Levy Mwanawasa. We must all feel pity for Mumba. He is now very nervous.


This gathering of world leaders in New York City, yonder United States is a worthy benevolent mistress. It provides the platform for leaders to meet outside their countries.

This time around, it came less than a moon after Zimbabwe had just held its elections. The post-election hullabaloo that set social media agog, with froth and no beer for Chamisa and his supporters, was proved at the UN. Suffice to say, President Hichilema avoided a circus, in which he was going to be the chief clown. UN sitting arrangements are benign. They use alphabetical order. Zambia was certainly going to sit next to Zimbabwe. Meaning President Mnangagwa, an experienced peace loving statesman and regional leader, would sit next to HH. HH knew he had messed us the Zimbabwean elections through a preconceived approach, that did not get much traction from SADC.  But in the end he missed an opportunity for a one on one with his big brother, ED.  How good and pleasant would it have been before God, that he clear the air? Surely, Kenneth David Kaunda should be turning in his grave with anger and disgust, after all he had seen that betrayal character in HH, before he died. In one of the interviews Kaunda, feared HH would divide even Zambia itself.

When HH realised that he was in a fix, having learnt too late that the SADC Troika is just but a wing of the main SADC chaired by Angola, he withdrew and send a junior official.  He at least saved his face. But the egg flew it his face when Sadc Chair and Angolan President Jao João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço congratulated Zimbabwe.  Wither thou HH?


Through National Democratic Institute, an American adjust to regime changed presented as a human development instrument to change the fortunes of Africa, former US deputy secretary for Africa, Johnnie Carson, has been stirring it up to erase the Zanu PF government from earth.  After leading an NDI election observer mission for NDI in the last but one election Carson thought he knew a lot. He even tried to get to ZEC, using the EU money as a front. But Zimbabwe is not Zambia. Zanu PF has seen it all.

For those in the know, Amb Johnnie Carson was sworn in as assistant secretary of state for the bureau of African affairs, on May 7, 2009. Prior to this he was the national intelligence officer for Africa at the National Intelligence Council, after serving as the senior vice president of the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. (2003-2006).

Ambassador Carson’s 37-year foreign service career includes ambassadorships to Kenya (1999-2003), Zimbabwe (1995-1997), and Uganda (1991-1994); and principal deputy assistant secretary for the bureau of African Affairs (1997-1999). Earlier in his career he had assignments in Portugal (1982-1986), Botswana (1986-1990), Mozambique (1975-1978), and Nigeria (1969-1971). He has also served as desk officer in the Africa section at State’s bureau of intelligence and research (1971-1974); staff officer for the secretary of state (1978-1979), and staff director for the Africa Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives (1979-1982). Carson would help himself retire than keep his hands on Zimbabwe.


In the aftermath of Zimbabwean election, the British House of Commons became a centre of discussion for the land of Munhumutapa. Now that he very interesting. Not because obvious colonial hangover but because on Lord Howel of Guildford, sought to correct long time misinformation by Baroness Cate Hoey. Lord Howel, told the house to approach the Zimbabwean issue with caution and on a different trajectory. He reminded them of Zimbabwe’s vast wealth and untapped natural resources which the British have lost to Zimbabwe’s new friends Russia and China. While Britain is politicking, Russia and China are doing business. Big business.

Cubs don’t open their eyes the same day!

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