City working on decongesting Mbudzi roundabout

21 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views
City working  on decongesting Mbudzi roundabout Mr Chideme

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Ellen Chasokela Herald Reporter
Harare City Council has started implementing its master plan which will ease congestion at the Mbudzi roundabout.

During peak hours the congestion can last up to four hours.

In an interview at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show yesterday, Harare City spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said they are implementing part of their master plan which has to do with innovation technology and modernisation.

“This has now seen us doing plans for the Mbudzi roundabout which will have road interchanges and slip roads to ease congestion at the roundabout and also ease congestion in the southern part of Harare.

“There is a new development in Harare South that has more than 60 000 properties which means added to the already existing traffic there is new traffic in those new residential properties so the roundabout is going to come as a great relief to both the existing and new traffic.

“Beitbridge is our biggest port of entry so there is always heavy traffic i.e. trucks and buses so it the ideal place to start that road interchange plan,’’ he said.

Mr Chideme also added that there are plans to redevelop the Mukuvisi corridor development plan.

“Apart from that, the Mbudzi roundabout is informed by the Mukuvisi corridor development plan which starts from Hillside, already there are existing structures that have been already built over the years like OK Mart, but now that development corridor is now open for redevelopment or development.

“The area that we are currently concentrating on is Mbare where we now have a new version in Mbare for new high-rise flats and these are the models that we are showcasing for Mbare at the open spaces and also getting into Mbare Musika with the new structures that we are building.

“The idea is that we want to grow the local economy of Harare through creation of employment, value addition and also making sure that our 2025 vision dovetails into the Government’s 2030 vision of a middle income society so we will be able to achieve that through having people employed, people working, earning a living and sustaining their families,’’ said Chideme.

Meanwhile, the city fathers have also developed the schematic design for First Street in the CBD which they intend to start implementing very soon.

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