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City waterworks to shut down for 24 hours


Herald Reporter
The Harare City Council will temporarily shut down the Morton Jaffray Water plant today to allow engineers to work on burst pipes.
In a statement yesterday, Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi said the shutdown would enable engineers to work on the problem.“The water plant will be temporarily shut down on Friday from 10pm to Saturday 10pm to enable our engineers to work on the problem. Water supplies are expected to normalise beginning Monday (November 19),” said Dr Mahachi.

Dr Mahachi said the city had been experiencing continuous water pipe bursts at Morton Jaffray and at the Warren Control Pump station hence the need to fix the problem.

“The City of Harare is experiencing a lot of water pipe bursts along the main water lines between Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant and the Warren Control Pump Station. The bursts are a result of the high pressure attributed to the high volumes of water pumped from the treatment plant,” he said.

Dr Mahachi said council had chosen to completely shut down the Morton Jaffray plant because the bursts had become uncontrollable.
“The bursts are now unsustainable hence the need to temporarily shut down the MJ Water Plant for 24 hours to allow our engineers to attend to the bursts.’’


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