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City gets tough on noisemakers

30 Jan, 2019 - 00:01 0 Views
City gets tough on noisemakers Mr Chideme

The Herald

Nyasha Mlambo Herald Reporter
Harare City Council is set to clampdown on “noisemakers” following complaints over churches, bars, restaurants and sports clubs, with various infrastructure earmarked for restoration as part of the Urban Renewal Project.

Council is also set to bring a new lease of life to Mbare after carrying out a programme to demolish illegal structures which are congesting the city’s oldest suburb.

The demolition of illegal structures will pave way for affordable shopping, workshop and vending spaces, as well as affordable and sustainable accommodation in a healthy and clean environment.

A number of buildings and open spaces in the city are holding unauthorised gatherings, causing noise pollution and disturbing the peace of communities.

The city’s corporate communications manager Mr Michael Chideme said they were inundated with calls from disgruntled residents.

“We are embarking on the Urban Renewal Project as a refreshment of infrastructure in Mbare by constructing new shops and new places for accommodation,” he said.

Mr Chideme said many vendors and tuckshop owners responded to the council’s call to give way for proper structures and people were visiting the council offices for proper allocation of trading sites.

“People are not only visiting our Remembrance Offices, but also all our district offices to regularise their trading sites,” said Mr Chideme.

High density suburbs such as Mbare in the capital and Chitungwiza have been earmarked for restoration as part of the Urban Renewal Project.

Harare town planner Mrs Priscilla Charumbira said they were in the process of reviewing the Harare Master Plan.

“The Harare Master Plan’s planning area is going to cover areas like Chitungwiza, Norton, Ruwa and Epworth,” she said.

“Harare City Council is also proposing having a conversation with possible developers who are likely to bring light rail, a railway line for Chitungwiza and a lot of freeway reservations.

“People are expecting a lot of developments, so we have put forward a number of proposals. Many people are aware that we are planning on having a conversation with possible developers.”

Government, through the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, is working on new city designs and urban regeneration projects based on the concept of a modern and self-contained smart city.

In Harare’s Mbare, Matapi, Shawasha and Tagarika flats are set to be demolished, while Mukuvisi River, which passes through Mbare, will be dredged as part of Government’s attempt to create green spaces in the suburb.

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