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As Zimbabwe rolled out the national Covid-19 vaccination programme yesterday, a cross section of Zimbabweans praised the Government for bringing in the vaccines, with most of them saying they will take the jab to prevent the further spread of the pandemic.

Zimbabwe took delivery of 200 000 Sinopharm vaccines from China on Monday, which are enough for 100 000 people since one person will take two.

But more vaccines are being sourced to ensure the 10 million people targeted under the vaccination programme get the jab, if they wish.

Mr Learnmore Nyanyiwa told The Herald yesterday that he is ready to be vaccinated.

“It is obvious I would want to be vaccinated. That is the only way we can fight this pandemic because it has disturbed a lot of things such as schools, businesses and social life. If we all get vaccinated, I think things will get back to normal.

“Since Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and other dignitaries have started getting vaccinated, we now have the confidence to take it. We only don’t know if the vaccine has side effects but I would like to encourage people to get vaccinated so that we can all be safe,” said Mr Nyanyiwa.

Mr Artwell Nyamumungu also said he will accept the vaccine to protect himself from the pandemic.

Mr Artwell Nyamumungu

He encouraged other people to accept the jab.

Ms Pauline Nyameda said given the number of lives lost due to the pandemic, taking the vaccine was the only way forward.

Ms Pauline Nyameda

“Look at the devastation the world has suffered from this monster disease. If we don’t get vaccinated, we are all going to perish. Look, more deadly variants of this killer disease are being discovered, so let’s take the vaccine and protect ourselves,” she said.

Mr Tawanda Pagara was blunt and said: “Munhu wese ku vaccine (everyone must take the vaccine). People have been vaccinated for so many diseases like polio since their birth. Let’s all take a leaf from the Vice President (Chiwenga) who volunteered to become the first Zimbabwean to receive the dose.”

Mr Tawanda Pagara

Mr Robert Nhekede also welcomed the roll-out of the vaccine and thanked the Government for bringing in the jabs, and encouraged “everyone to take part in this process.”

Mr Robert Nhekede

Another citizen Mr Takudzwa Pagara said: “This is a step in the right direction. Everything has been down since last year. We have not gone to work and schools have not been operating normally. Let’s all go for the vaccine. We know the Government will ensure everyone who needs it will get it.”

Mr Takudzwa Pagara

Mr Knowledge Chatadza said it was not time to take chances and encouraged citizens to get the jab.

Mr Knowledge Chatadza

In fact, he said the Government should consider making the vaccination programme compulsory.

However, Gogo Elizabeth said she may not take the vaccine since she does not know what will happen after being inoculated.

Gogo Elizabeth

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