Cigarette, tobacco manufacturing  industry gets 100pc salary hike

Elita Chikwati
The National Employment Council for the Tobacco Industry has fixed salary structure for the cigarette and tobacco manufacturing industry which will see an increment of more than 100 percent beginning July 31 2019 to December 2019.

This was gazetted in the Government gazette dated August 23 2019.

According to Statutory Instrument 180 of 2019, Collective Bargaining Agreement (Tobacco Industry) Cigarette and Tobacco Manufacturing, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare has in terms, of section 80 of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] approved the publication of the Collective Bargaining Agreement set out in the Schedule which amends the agreement published in Statutory Instrument 121 of 2013.

The agreement was in accordance with the provisions of the labour Act between the Cigarette and Tobacco Manufacturing Employers Association and the Zimbabwe Tobacco Industrial Workers Union being parties of the National employment council for the tobacco industry to amend the collective bargaining Agreement (general conditions of employment) 2013.

“This agreement is endorsed by the trade union and employers’ association in the spirit of good faith and shall be deemed to have come into effect on July 1 2019 and is applicable up to December 31 2019.

“It has further been agreed by the employment council that the basic wage of an employee is an all-inclusive wage, inclusive of all allowances such as housing and transport.

“In addition, it has been further agreed by the employment council that this agreement does not preclude employers and employees at company level works Council to improve on conditions of service,” read the SI.

The lowest paid employee (grade 1) in the industry now gets a salary of $1301, 85 up from $605, 51 while the highest who is in grade 10 will earn $1675, 98 from $779, 53,” read the statutory instrument.

Night shift allowance will be calculated at 15 percent of the daily rate for the period actually worked on night shift.

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