Churches slam violence

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Churches slam violence Rev Madawo

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Rev Madawo

Rev Madawo

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Churches yesterday condemned recent violent activities perpetrated by MDC-T, Zimbabwe People First and their allies in civil society saying disagreements should be resolved in a peaceful manner.

The churches said Zimbabweans should not be used in projects meant to destabilise the country.

To this extent, they distanced themselves from movements masquerading as churches who support violent protests which saw hooligans unleashing an orgy of violence in Harare, looting shops, burning properties, stoning cars and attacking innocent people.

Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe secretary general Reverend Amon Madawo said the duties of the church involved praying for peace and tranquillity.

“As AFM, we don’t allow demonstrations because we believe in peaceful dialogue and resolutions,” said Reverend Madawo.

“Churches are there to deal with the spiritual aspect of the human being. People should exercise their rights in a peaceful environment which does not involve violence and the looting of shops.”

ZAOGA secretary-general Dr Washington Rupapa castigated the violent activities saying this was not within the confines of the law.

“As ZAOGA, we stand by the position of the Constitution which says people are allowed to engage in peaceful demonstrations,” he said.

“We are against everything that instigates violence and the destruction of property.”

United Family International Church spokesperson Mr Prime Kufakunesu said churches “are preachers of peace.”

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe leader Bishop Johannes Ndanga said instead of protests, many channels existed where grievances could be resolved amicably.

He said the “devil” was the only one who enjoyed confusion.

“Government and its quasi-ministries and the Parliament of Zimbabwe represent all sections of society to air their grievances,” he said.

Tehillar Christian Network founder president, Reverend Sam Malunga, called on the people of Zimbabwe to shame “terrorist’ agents” bent on destabilising the country.

“Zimbabweans should guard against being used by political malcontents who are power hungry and are on an agenda of advancing the propaganda machinations of the West,” he said.

“On behalf of Tehillar, we strongly applaud and support the stance taken by the police and Government to ban the demonstrations. The demonstrations were no longer peaceful as they were threatening our existence.”

The police recently effected a ban on demonstrations in Harare for the next two weeks citing inadequacies in Section (26) of the Public Order and Security Act (Chapter 11:17) to prevent disorder resulting from such processions.

It also banned the carrying of dangerous weapons such as catapults and axes which can be used to cause bodily harm.

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