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Chris Hani killer denied parole

Chris Hani killer denied parole Janusz Walus
Janusz Walus

Janusz Walus

JOHANNESBURG. – South Africa’s Justice Minister Michael Masutha yesterday denied parole to the killer of anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani, saying he had not expressed remorse for the murder. Janusz Walus has served more than 20 years of a life sentence for the assassination of Hani, who was a senior member of the now-ruling African National Congress (ANC) and head of the South African Communist Party.

Walus (64) emigrated from communist Poland in 1981 and became involved in far-right politics in South Africa. He shot Hani outside the anti-apartheid activist’s home in 1993. The killing triggered nationwide riots that threatened to derail South Africa’s 1994 transition to multi-racial democracy after decades of white apartheid rule. Masutha also blocked Walus’ parole application in 2015, a decision that triggered several court challenges.

The Supreme Court of Appeal referred the matter back to the justice minister for reconsideration. Masutha said yesterday a psychologist’s report had highlighted Walus’ political ideology as a risk factor.

The report said Walus “expressed remorse for the fact that the victim’s children are fatherless and the wife is a widow. However, he showed no remorse for murdering Chris Hani. “He still rationalises his actions and insists that they were politically motivated. His ideas about communism still stand.” – Reuters.

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