Choreographer Niss Nyamayaro in demand Niss “Nixxi” Nyamayaro

 Mutsawashe MashandureYouth Interactive Correspondent

 He rubs shoulders with some of the local celebrities and artistes, yet he remains humble.

 He adds that extra flair at lavish parties and weddings, with his stunts but he rarely gets credit.

 Again he remains every celebrity’s most wanted man but remains grounded.

 His calling is to make people happy, leave lasting memories, and add life to dull events.

 Born and bred in Sunningdale, 25-year-old ‘Nixxi’ the Choreographer as he is fondly known is indeed the man on demand.

 His real name is Niss Nyamayaro, went to Marlborough High School, Chemhanza High School, and Pace College before completing his desired Computer Science programme at Trust College. 

But how did he start dancing and is he making a living out of it?

The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle, Youth Interactive caught up with the talented dancer during the Miss Universe Zimbabwe pageant held last weekend where he brought the house down with his dance moves.

“I started dancing when I was 15 years old and I used to dance in church,” he said. 

Surprisingly, it is hard to believe he is that little boy who was despised by many for his love for dancing as now he is a household name.

 The self-taught choreographer could dance to any beat as long as it made him happy.

 “Music brings joy to my heart. I am moved by any beat you can think of, as long it is a beat, I can produce a dance move.”

He said is inspired by Tanzanian Artist Diamond Platinum.

“Diamond Platinum is my role model. I get inspired by how he relates his music to the dances in music videos and when performing on stage, I am happy that now I am noticed,” said Nixxi. 

Nixxi is set to perform a music video with Tanzanian star, Mboso from the stable of Diamond Platinum.

 “I also like American choreographer Jaquel Knight, who usually works with Mega Thee Stallion and Cardi B. I am looking forward to working with Mboso and the plans are in the pipeline.”

 The satirical dancer, instrumentalist, and director says the first quarter of the year was productive and fruitful in his work.

 “I do four days of training before the event. Dancing is a profession that if taken seriously will sustain livelihoods, “ he added.

“I managed to work with an international artist called Thabile from Germany and also big local artistes such as Killer T, Shashl, Qoun-fuzed, and Holy Ten during my first quarter of the year.”

 “For the first time, I choreographed a big wedding in Vic Falls and am so grateful for that achievement.” 

 “I have a television programme called ‘Fit 4 for Dance’ which airs Saturday and Sunday. Every Friday afternoon I am on Zambezi Magic television at 6.30 p.m. Mainly offering dance tutorials and, on the fitness side, giving people home workouts.”

 He said choreography, which involves deciding how dancers will move in a performance, is an art on its own, and it requires one to be creative and also love it. 

“You cannot be a good choreographer if you don’t enjoy the dances and other moves you teach the dancers. And also since dances are an integral part of weddings, what this means is that these should be executed in the best possible way” he said.

The choreographer said he uses his art beyond teaching dance moves.

 “This is not just dancing; it also involves teaching people about life. Dancing is a great way to strengthen bones and muscles, improve balance, and stay healthy in general. Dancing is also an activity that is appropriate for nearly everyone because it’s so easy to vary the intensity based on fitness level and ability. Simply by increasing the dance tempo or adding a turn or dip, dancers can increase the intensity and get more of a physical benefit,” he said.

 The talented choreographer wants to push his career to mass media levels.

 “My vision is to create a bigger platform and get the opportunity to teach so many people the trending dance moves.

 “I wish to make a dance group and have my permanent place to teach people, “ he said.

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