Chombo blasts ‘unpatriotic’ Diasporans

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Chombo blasts ‘unpatriotic’ Diasporans Cde Chombo

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Dr Chombo

Dr Chombo

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
Zimbabweans resident in the Diaspora should work for nation building and shun being used by Westerners against the motherland, a Cabinet minister has said.

In a statement last night, Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo warned Zimbabweans in the Diaspora not to be coerced by foreign elements keen on promoting alarm, despondency and unrest in Zimbabwe.

“The so-called asylum seekers in the United Kingdom and United States of America are on the forefront, fomenting hate messages against Government contrary to so-called human rights views that they purport to be advancing,” said Dr Chombo.

His statements came in the wake of a demonstration by Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom last week against Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who was speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, as part of Government re-engagement efforts with multi-lateral agencies and the international community.

Protesters from the Zimbabwe Vigil and its sister organisation Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe picketed Chatham House where Minister Chinamasa was.

In his statement, Dr Chombo said Government was deeply concerned by the conduct shown by some white- owned businesses, private companies, schools and individuals who had openly declared their support for the so-called shutdown in Zimbabwe.

“It is interesting to note that some former white farmers, and company executives went to the extent of attending (leader of shadowy organisation #ThisFlag calling for so-called shutdown,) Evan Mawarire’s appearance in court and chanting out solidarity messages with him,” said Dr Chombo.

“Some of the former white farmers and individuals went on to record and post videos on the internet inciting the public not to cooperate with authorities in Zimbabwe and stay at home. This hypocrisy should stop forthwith. No one from the white community has openly denounced the debilitating sanctions, which were imposed on the country by the Western world. I want to categorically tell them that their regime change agenda machinations will not work.”

Dr Chombo reiterated that there was no reversal of the land reform programme aimed at correcting historical imbalances. Turning to the situation in the country, Dr Chombo said Government had noted that some schools like St John’s College sent pupils back home after they had reported for lessons yesterday morning.

“May I accordingly advise parents that they are at liberty to claim their money from these trust or private schools authorities. Acts of economic sabotage will not be tolerated,” said Dr Chombo.

Dr Chombo said the security situation in the country remained calm and peaceful, adding that the Zimbabwe Republic Police together with other security organisations continue monitoring the situation in the country and anyone found on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with accordingly.

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