Chombo arrested again

Ex-Finance Minister Chombo

Ex-Finance Minister Chombo

Felex Share Senior Reporter
Former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo was yesterday arrested for criminal abuse of office over the way he handled the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle programme in Whitecliff farm in Harare.

Chombo was arrested while reporting at Marlborough Police Station as part of his bail conditions on other corruption charges he is facing. His lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku confirmed the development last night.

“He was arrested while making his last report. Remember he is supposed to report three times a day. He was picked up by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and they took a warned and cautioned statement before they released him into my custody,” he said.

On the fresh charges, his client was facing, Prof Madhuku said: “They are ridiculous charges relating to operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle in Whitecliff.

“They claim he illegally settled people in that area on a property belonging to Pfugari. They said it was criminal abuse of office. We extensively told them that was a Cabinet organised programme and he was simply head of a committee that spearheaded that programme.

“They also added some charges before releasing him. He is at home. We went there at 5pm and we left around 8pm. We wait to see whether they take him to court or they will simply add those charges to the ones he is already facing.”

Chombo is on $5 000 bail on corruption charges and he is expected back in court on January 8.

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  • farai nyausopo

    yoweee zvadzinenge dzichakarovanda

  • ngoni

    I disagree with prof Madhuku. Being given a task by cabinet doesnt exonerate you from any corruption you may commit in the process of execuring that task. Yes Garikai was a government programme. Yes Chombo was tasked to spearhead it. However if he committed acts of corruption which can be proven before a competent court of law he has to face the music.

  • tylerthecreator

    hapana kuti professionalism… atowana mukoko wekumora… Madhuku is going to milk this idiot called chombi dry

  • Stan

    There is no professionalism ,imari chete irikudiwa apa.

  • Joy

    Chombo belongs to prison, he was being protected by the former first lady, now she is in Mayasia and he is in hot soup. Very soon Madhuku will recluse himself from this.

  • yowe

    Aya….wonder why a known land baron Philip Chiyangwa has not even been taken for questioning.Wicknell and Udenge are scottfree, Supa and Mpofu are reappointed as Ministers..This fight aganist corruption stinks of rot YOWE!!!

  • House Arrest

    Taura hako

  • Viva RGM

    Be strong Chombo – soon it will be election time. The ballot box is an equaliser.

  • Shepherd Dhlamini

    Baba varipanguva yakaoma ava.