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Chiwenga breaking down barriers

11 Nov, 2017 - 00:11 0 Views

The Herald

Daphne Machiri Sports Reporter
WOMEN on the sporting field are generally segregated and few are seen pushing beyond the ceiling to get more challenging positions in this male dominated arena. In football there are very few notables who have made it amid Government’s call for women inclusion in the discipline. Ellen Chiwenga is one the handful of women making strides and her success is widely framed as a major step for women in sports to take on managerial roles in male dominated sports, particularly football.

She is one of the few Wonder Women in Zimbabwean football who have managed to raise the country’s flag high. Although the female football agency business is rare, Chiwenga like a mythical Amazon Warrior, tore through the male dominated industry to etch a name for herself. Chiwenga is a full-time football agent holding a FIFA and FA License for a number of years. She is regulated by the FA as a registered intermediary and member of the Association of Football Agents, WY scout and Sofia Client.

“It is a very tough business for a woman to break into. To me football is like a universal dialect. Becoming a sport agent was with a desire to pave way for women empowerment in sport sector and enjoy my desire which has become my occupation for life. I strongly believe that if women are given full provision in the sport sector they can outshine and contribute effectively to the development of their society and nations,” said Chiwenga.

“Looking at Zimbabwe, having successful women in sports, the likes of Kirsty Coventry and the Mighty Warriors, this proves that despite our biological make-up we can still become torchbearers and conquer the world. Football is a male-dominated sport, for example less people attend women’s football than men’s football.’’

Chiwenga is working hard to get to the top.

‘’I have worked hard towards my goals and take every opportunity to expand my knowledge as a sport agent, one of my focus now is to give back to my country, next year one of my biggest plans is to lift the sport sector as well as marginalised talents back to my home country Zimbabwe and Africa at large. I strongly believe we need each other for the development of football and the nation at large, I will also share my experiences and utilise the skills I got over the past years, ”she said.

Chiwenga emphasised that it takes love, dedication and passion for football if one want to be successful in this field.

‘’Discipline has a big impact on my career as I intend to promote more people from my home country and Africa at large. To me, personally, this is a big thing. It is a golden opportunity for me to promote females from other from different backgrounds to do the same. The sports world is no longer just a man’s sport and more females are now involved in the sport industry. I grew up watching the game. I have good male friends around me who are already involved in the football industry who also have encouraged me.”

Chiwenga also won the Personality of the Year award under 2017 Zimbabwe Achievers awards.

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