Chiwandire’s title fight in limbo

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Chiwandire’s title fight in limbo DEEP CRISIS . . . Delta Force Academy director, Clyde Musonda, has made a passionate appeal to the corporate world to rescue this Saturday’s WBC interim super-bantamweight title fight between Zimbabwe’s top female boxer Kudakwashe “Take Money’’ Chiwandire and Mexican Zulina Munoz

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Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

KUDAKWASHE “Take Money” Chiwandire is facing a grim possibility of losing her World Boxing Council interim title without throwing a punch.

She is scheduled to defend her WBC interim super-bantamweight crown against Mexican Zulina Munoz this coming Saturday at the Harare International Conference Centre.

But with just four days before the historic showdown, everything is pointing down south.

Fight promoters, Delta Force Academy, have failed to raise enough money to put the required logistics in place.

As per the rules, it is the promoters of the event who are responsible for bringing in key staff, including Chiwandire’s challenger, fight supervisor as well as match officials.

But, by yesterday nothing had been put in place while Delta Force Academy director, Clyde Musonda, made a passionate appeal to the corporate world to rescue the situation.

He received a letter from the Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board who requested to know progress his organisation has made.

In the letter, ZNBWCB chief executive, Lawrence Zimbudzana, revealed they were waiting on a response from the Government.

“I write to request for a full written update on the status of preparations towards the hosting of the World Boxing Council Super-bantamweight title fight between Kudakwashe Chiwandire and Zulina Munoz scheduled for 1 of October 2022 at the Harare International Conference Centre,” read the letter.

“The update must include but not limited to:

  1. Technical preparations of the boxer
  2. Medicals of the xoxer
  3. WBC compliance requirements status
  4. Marketing plan
  5. Resource mobilisation Initiatives and their outcomes
  6. Tournament details
  7. Hosting plan (including travel, accommodation, medical, and video production)
  8. Event operational plan (including health and safety procedures, ticketing and security)
  9. Budget items covered by Delta Force and those still outstanding

“Meanwhile, while we wait to get the official Government position with regards the requested support towards the hosting of the above mentioned tournament, we kindly request your office to furnish us with details of any corporates or individuals who have either supported or committed to supporting this initiative.

“It is important for you to note that  according to the Act, full disclosure is expected from you and the board should have unfettered access to all details and activities whether financial or material around the tournament including invoices and copies of contracts which you might have entered into with any party. The comprehensiveness of your report will obviously inform our level of intervention . . . ”

The ZNBWCB stands to get 70 percent of the revenue which would have been generated from the high-profile bout.

But, chairperson of the board, Vee Chibanda, said the ZNBWCB was never in any way involved in sourcing any sponsorship to help bring key staff here for the tournament.

This is despite a contract entered with the promoters some time ago whose details were gleaned by The Herald.

“In view of the national value of the tournament and the limited capacity of the Delta Force Academy (DFBA) to host the event, ZNBWCB decided to co-host the tournament,” read part of the contract.

“The ZNBWCB and DFBA agree to perform the following:

Fully cooperate with connection with successfully co-hosting the World Boxing Council (WBC) Super bantam.

Exercise best efforts to facilitate and support the hosting of a successful tournament.

Share revenue generated from the event on 70 percent (ZNBWCB) to 30 percent ( DFBA) basis.

Use proceeds generated from the event to contribute to the development of the combat sport sector.

Set up an organising committee to help oversee the successful hosting of the event.

Set up a fundraising committee to secure funding and sponsorship from the event . . . ”

Musonda said Delta Force Academy was solely waiting to get support from either the Government or corporates to rescue the situation.

“I am in the cold. I don’t know what to do. I have been receiving calls from the WBC authorities who want to know the progress we have made but I have been telling them to wait,” he said.

“I am not sure what will happen. But we stand to lose the belt without throwing a punch after all the effort we have made.

“Chiwandire won the belt on February 26 and she was supposed to defend it after four months so we stand to lose it without a fight.

“This is what I can only say at the moment. But we are hopeful the situation can be rescued although I am afraid time is no longer on our side.”

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