Chitungwiza to allocate stands


batches instead of waiting for the whole process to be completed. Beneficiaries whose payments are in order will immediately be allocated their stands,” said Mr Mandirahwe.

Beneficiaries of the following stand numbers are expected to benefit in the first phase of the allocations: 9444-9516, 9544-9590, 10 599-10 885, 10 887-11 230, 12 967-15 143, 15 148-15 409 and those with stand numbers from 15 414 to 15 546.

He said beneficiaries were required to bring with them an offer letter, confirmation of payments made in both Zimbabwean and in US dollars and an agreement of sale if available.

“The said documents would then be inspected and verified by municipality officials to ascertain the level of payments made. There are acceptable levels of payments in both the Zimbabwean and US dollar payments,” he said.

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