Chitungwiza starts verifying offer letters

Remember Deketeke Herald Correspondent

CHITUNGWIZA Municipality has started a three-week process of verifying offer letters for stands with reports that several were issued fraudulently through a syndicate of corrupt officials, the local authority’s acting town clerk, Mr Japson Nemuseso, has said.

In 2022, Chitungwiza Municipality rejected fake offer letters for land that dated back to 2019, claiming that the town no longer had any stands and that the council was prohibited from using the letters for three years.

Mr Nemuseso said the issue of fake offer letters was so serious that it needed to be addressed right away. Asking people to come with their verification letters would be the first step in assisting the council in determining which land was open.

Mr Nemuseso advised Chitungwiza residents who received offer letters between 2019 and now to visit their offices and verify them.

“Council at its special meeting held on January 23, 2024, resolved that offer letters that were issued from 2019 to present should be verified since some were issued fraudulently and without following the law.

“Accordingly, those in possession of the offer letters issued from 2019 are advised to visit Chitungwiza Municipality head office and have their paperwork verified for authenticity and compliance with the law,” he said.

Mr Nemuseso said the formal notice informing the public that letters were now being verified was issued in terms of section 152(2) of the Urban Councils Act.

The verification includes offer letters for all residential, institutional, industrial and commercial stands issued since 2019. Only those offer letters that were genuine would be backed by a lease.

Those seeking verification should also bring their site plan and any other relevant documents to prove that the said stand was offered by Chitungwiza Municipality.

Mr Nemuseso warned members of the public against purchasing stands from third parties purportedly representing council.

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