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Chitungwiza Municipality fails to raise cash to clear stormwater drains

Chitungwiza Municipality fails to raise cash to clear stormwater drains Chitungwiza Municipality

Lovemore Meya Herald Correspondent
CHITUNGWIZA Municipality is failing to clear stormwater drains owing to cashflow challenges. Acting town clerk Dr Tonderai Kasu said this had affected their operations.

“We have had an ongoing programme of clearing storm water drains and we partially covered areas in all four districts in Chitungwiza, which include St Mary’s, Zengeza, Seke North and Seke South,” said Dr Kasu.

“To date, we have cleared storm drains along Chibuku Road in Unit B, Mutsau Road (Unit G), Chitungwiza Road, Dungwiza School in St Mary’s. As we speak, there is a team working along Hombarume Road (Zengeza 2).

“We have four culverts to be constructed in Seke North (Units N,O and P). There were no culverts in that area and residents have been complaining of flooding. The programme has been running for some weeks now, but the main limitation that we have encountered is the financial resources,” he said.

Dr Kasu urged residents to pay bills for council to be able to offer services.

“We would like to encourage the residents to pay up. We have been doing what we could manage with the little at our disposal,” he said.

Residents are also calling on council to speed up the clearance of storm drains and to attend to roads that are in a sorry state.

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