Chitungwiza hospital clinical director suspended

Forward Nyanyiwa Correspondent
Government has with immediate effect suspended Chitungwiza Central Hospital clinical director Dr Patrick Dhliwayo and transferred principal nursing officer Mrs Mirriam Mangeya over a plethora of misconduct allegations as part of an ongoing exercise to bring sanity to public health institutions.

Mrs Mangeya has been transferred to head office awaiting transition to a new work station while Dr Dhliwayo was effectively put on suspension for verbally abusing fellow doctors.

Incidentally, Dr Dhliwayo was last year sentenced to six months imprisonment with an option of a fine after he was found guilty of physically assaulting nurses at Zengeza                                                                   Clinic.

In a letter seen by The Herald yesterday, signed by the Acting Secretary for Health Dr Gibson Mhlanga, Dr Dhliwayo is accused of verbally abusing six co-workers, among them three fellow doctors.

“You are hereby charged in terms of Section 4 (a) of National Employment Code of Conduct Regulations 2006, Statutory Instrument 15 of 2006.

“There is reason to believe that you committed an act of misconduct or acts of misconduct as defined in Section 4 in that; victimisation of a subordinate, Dr Arthur Mhizha, issuing threats to a subordinate Lawrence Kasinganeti, issuing threats to a subordinate Mr Ndarukwa and Mr Dzikamai and turning clinical meetings into forums of verbal abuse of GMOs Dr Shongo and Dr Ekofo,” reads Dr Dhliwayo’s charge sheet.

Mrs Mangeya’s letter stated that the former Chitungwiza hospital top nurse will report to ministry’s head office by May 9, 2019.

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